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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Paloma Esmeria Nude On The Couch

Makes you wish they shot it from another angle.

The rest after we hit the break.

*Hat-tip: "Buboy"


  1. dont buy her magazines then dumb photographers would stop making dumb pictures. if u cant show your goods atleast be arstic which these photographers dont have..arms over boobs?lol cmon.

    1. That's part of her contract with us photographers ...if u don't like the shots don't look at them one is forcing you...if you want to see her privates then go and shoot her personally ...or better yet go and ask her out perhaps if she digs you she will show her privates tss people now a days...

    2. she's not a pornstar you moron. this is artistic enough. hell I can name 5 things that make those photos worthy of a spot in a gallery. i'd like to see you come up with anything that can be considered art you idiot.

    3. dumbphotographerJune 30, 2012 at 1:26 PM

      Sir! :) sorry for being a dumb photographer and asking her to put her arms over her boobs.. its shallow people like you why we don't publish or post more revealing and exposed photos of models/ladies. We have the photos that you want to see, we're just not stupid enough to post it for your pleasure. "lol cmon." hihi

    4. @dumbphotographer

      "We have the photos that you want to see, we're just not stupid enough to post it for your pleasure."

      And we're not stupid either to believe you. If you really have the photos that we want to see, then you can shove it up your ass along with your precious dlsr camera.

  2. wala bang kita kahit utong lang?

  3. yan may nagalit tuloy lol

  4. yan may nagalit tuloy lol

  5. hindi ka ba ninja? magdownload ka na lang nang movie nya na may breast exposure. hindi dahil sexy sya eh ipapakita na nya lahat. ugok.

  6. I like paloma. She is classy. A cut above the rest of the sexy models nowadays. For those who want breast exposure download the FHM celebrity diaries she was part of or Playboy jan 2011. She went topless in those magazines.


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