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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Summer Hottie Angel Malit Drops The Underpants

Not all the way to the ankles though. Like we want all hotties to.

But it was enough for us to see a bit beyond the Goodluck Chinese Character tat so maybe that's enough. For now.

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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Palitan 2012 - Full and Uncut, On Mediafire and HERE!

Technically it's at another page. But the Full, Uncut and available via Mediafire is on the mark.

Yes. It includes that thumb-sucking scene which came with other sexy-sexy naked scenes. (NSFW Materials. You've been informed). Though that thumb-sucking scene can be enjoyed on last year's Unrated Trailer Post. You should view it if you have the time.

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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Ritz Azul and Eula Caballero Get Bouncy-Bouncy On Primetime TeeVee [Online Video]

They do it intentionally so sexily. To top it all, it comes with a funny skit too. That's double the fun, double the babes, double ... very much like double bouncy boobs.

Thanks "Pelikulang Sabik"!

You'll find the Rack-full YouTube Clip from this TV5 Show (something we should all watch not just for Boobs), Go for MORE!

Barbara Palvin Nekkid For Maire Claire

That's for Marie Claire Italy. Maybe the Italian version is more of a Men's Magazine. Or maybe the Italians get tricked into buying Men's Magazine which are Women's Magazine too because the women hold the purse.

Whatever, Hungarian sensation Barbara Palvin who was best know to sign up and did a show for Victoria's Secret the very day she turned 18, is showing off her 20-ish lady parts bit by bit. Starting with this set.

Yup. Look closer I say!

Since we're Porn-Free, I'm now starting to truly appreciate Porn-Facial Expression.

Thanks "Yes-Man"!

The Barbara Palvin MC Italy Set, Go for MORE!

A Lady-Like Barbie San Miguel Graced MIAS 2014

The special Barbie San Miguel show of massive cleavage was nowhere to be seen. But there's the Barbie model-legs to take-up the slack.

There is also this:

It's not part of MIAS 2014 but who cares?

*Hat tip to: "Ace"! for most of the photos.

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Monday, April 21, 2014

The Cathy Frey - Danica Torres Virtual Cat Fight!

I could throw a GoPro Hero in the middle of it all but I have no ready photos.

According to tipster "Pelikulang Sabik" this "Fight", another one involving Danica Torres, is gaining some ground with intriguing accusations being dangerous flaunted around. According to the Viber screen shots sent, it also involves a GoPro Camera which should have been part of a Tech-WAV Post if only our tipster sent in some worthwhile articles to go with the melee.

Anyway a Cat Fight is always interesting. Though we're not really sure if these are made up FB Pages trying to gain Likes. All the same we're linking you to it. All because a Hot Chick going up against another Hot Chick can be entertaining. Especially when they were Friends before. Very much like Reality TV.

If you'd like to scope out Cathy Frey Hot Photos then here are a sexy bunch of them. If you prefer Danica Torres', check these out.

If you like to go straight to the Cat Fight, find that on this FACEBOOK PAGE!

edited to add One of the best showcase of GoPro Hero 3 in action @ Danica Torres' Page

*Hat tip to: "Pelikulang Sabik"!

The Bikini Heaven Pool Party Photos Keep Coming In

The Biggest Bikini Show happened about a month ago, but the hits in the form of Bikini Models keep coming.

Hat-tip "Magic Mic"!

Over 70 Quality Photos from the Bikini Heaven Ramp Show of Hot, Hot, Bikini Babes. All available for inspection, Hit the Break!

Scarjo Close-Up Nudes from Under The Skin Movie Preview of the Day! [NSFW]

Capt America has nothing on today's shit cuz this one moves further than sissy nerd cleavage while fighting super villains. It goes down into what might-be some fucking lady-lips and I'm talking about medical terms. Though the proper medical term would be Labia. And Scarjo may have shown them pre-baby and all prolly cuz Marvel wouldnt let her show it. No naked aliens in the Avengers.

Can I say LABIA on the front page? We can always get away with it by the NSFW tag and saying the contributor failed junior high biology twice. That should be as good as sort of medical degree in the barrios.

Scarjo's movie should rock better than Capt America cuz this one's better cuz it involves art, maybe awards which means more nudity in the future. More LABIA. I like that.

What you'll like are no stars on the privates and better resolution. A Close up too.

NSFW cuz we'll ask you to find the LABIA for medical education. jump boys.