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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Jinri Lets Her Ass Slip Out

Someone locked Jinri out, leaving her only a blanket too small to cover her entire body. At least that's how the picture looks like.

In a perfect world, they would have left Jinri nothing bigger than a hanky.

Those are mighty cute buns, I say.

A clearer copy of the shot above, plus another cute booty shot I think we've posted before. GO for MORE!

Monday, October 12, 2015

PBB's Dawn Chang Sizzling Sexy Video Makes Its Rounds [Online Video]

This PBB Housemate Baker from Paranaque might just be in the wrong Casa. Or maybe Kuya is going on some major business expansion. Either way, she's fashionably parading Lingerie in the featured Video that apparently has "Gone Viral".

Watch out Victoria's Secret Angels! Dawn Chang is giving you a run for your Holiday money.

You can imagine the stern, deep, voice of Kuya saying "Dawn, ikot ka. Tapos maglakad ka ng pakembot"!

Thanks "Mang Sinalsal"!

Catch the Video playing Online. And/Or we'll link you to where the NEWS is at!

JUMP! for the video!

The Best of Dutdutan XV Babes, Curves and Cameltoe [Photos and Videos]

A wide collection to further pack this Dutdutan XV Megapack!

This Post according to the pitch at least, boasts of Curves, Babes, and Cameltoe "Galore"!

71602858_45.jpg 71602859_46.jpg

There'a moving, gyrating pitch that looks like fun.

Find the Best of Dutdutan XV Post, with 40-plus photos and 2 brand new Videos. You JUMP HERE!

Sunday, October 11, 2015

They're Stripping Like They Mean It

New Viva Stars led by mentor VHB's very own Gwen Garci, take on some stripping lessons, hands on, top off, titties bare, all for Season 02 of PantaXa "The Strip Tease Challenge".

Here's an all-out Sexy GIF sampler of Debbie Garcia's sexy number.

Viva Babes Karla Ramos, Pam Nieva, Jourdanne Castillo, Carissa Quintas, Deb Garcia, Jericka Matelle, and Chloe Dauden make this one of the memorable episodes of PantaXa Season 2. Who do you think makes the best Stripper? Watch the Videos!

Their individual Strip Tease performances, Streaming Online @the Read more jump-break

Ara Mina Lingerie Vintage Special of the Day

The sink can be used to wash hair ....... even the one down there. Here's how you start.

This might be for throwback thursday. but I found it on a sunday. THANKS "JOHN HENRY"!

Throwback, Vintage, whatever on a Sunday. see the set Jump friends

Please ID This Lovely, Sexy, Model [Reader's Request]

A Reader who candidly called himself "Idiot"! is in need of your Hot-Chick-Identifying Skills. Our Bro, needs your help in putting a name to the loveliness you see below

As our Reader tells us, the photo you see above is from her Social Media Page. He grabbed it, kept it, by stroke of bad luck probably because his boner distracted him, he forgot to name the file properly and/or forgot to mark the Chick's Social Media Page. Thus, "Idiot"!

That Babe sure looks hot. I'm sure a lot of you would like to find out just how many more Hot, Bikini Selfie Photos she has on her Social Media page. But before anyone of us can do that, we need to ID the Chick.

Anyone with any useful info, Please Share your knowledge down at the Comments Section!

Asian Chick Shows Her Tiny Peaks For Selfie Extreme of the Day

A tight bodies tiny asian Chick does the mirror selfie so many time revealing her tiny peaks.

Sender "TONY" said this chick looks like Nicole Alexanrdia and suggested that we photoshop her head into hers. The fuck do we need to do that? But thats a good suggestion maybe next time.

Reviewing the submission I noticed that I've seen this chick before. Doing camshows and I'm sure of that cuz I recognized her pussy. I'm only kidding. Its her Tattoo I know I've seen before. Maybe we'll have some tips of her to find her camshow videos.


The Uncensored Selfie Extreme hit the Jump friends

NSFW Materials are viewable after the JUMP

Joycee Castro Crowd Pleaser

Truth be told, we were told to call it "Joycee Castro in the set of "This is not Snow White XXX"". But we're 2 Dudes more of the required dwarfs and to be fair, those guys look like they're pretty much Princes. Or maybe we were told to say that too.

We don't know what particular Shoot this was from. We don't know what happened Behind-The-Scenes. We're not sure if the following photo from FAD4 is connected with the BTS scene above.

Maybe not. But Joycee is gorgeous so we'll give you some more from the previous files. Hit the Break

Friday, October 9, 2015

Emily Ratajkowski Is Multi-Tasking of the Day

Which is a common shit. Literally shit. Shit as you go like CLAYGO only w Shit instead of CL or whatever they teach in the graders. But this shitting while texting turns me on cuz Im fucked up that way.

This is for GQ UK by Mario Testino who also did a Miranda Kerr GQ piece that was one of my favorites. NSFW set of that Here

Emily did something similar although she didn't come out as hot a Miranda but its still a turn on with tight see thru top that shows the nipples that made her the toast of sicktards. See them Jump friends

Guess Who's Totally Naked This Time

Curves that fall into place. But not fall-too-much, because this Mystery Babe's Parts are as perky as she is curvy.

Find out, along with some NSFW Shots @the Read more jump-break

NSFW Materials are viewable after the JUMP


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