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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Guess The Babe Making Nipple Flavored Lollipop

Usually the extra flavor comes in a sachet of powder or some sort of crumbled dip. But our Mystery Babe hustles out something interesting by dabbing the Lollipop onto a Nipple.

I don't know if the flavor comes out distinct. But if it comes with Photos, I'm sucking the Lollipop down to the stick.

Check out the hefty serving of Mound too. Maybe the Lollipops would have been better off Marinated somewhere there.

Enough Lollipop talk. It's the time of the Week when we tease you with faceless Hot Bods and 10-seconds worth of Mystery.

Like always we Reveal the Mystery Babe this week together with servings of Underboobs, Mound, and everything Sweet. Diabetics can take part without risk. I can't say the same thing for those with heart conditions.

Hit the Break and Reveal!

Kim Chiu Sits Like A Lady

Here's how an Interview can be interesting even in simple Stills.

Of course if Xian Lim was also wearing skirt, we may have to look away.

If you want to see Kim Chiu performing something upside down, you may want to check out the stuff posted HERE.

Thanks "Selso"!

For more Kim Chiu where she gets on a Yacht to re-create Titanic Scenes of the wrong character, GO for MORE!

Model Ms Mayo Is Heavy On Top

Reader "Anonymous" said he was scavenging among the uploaded photos of the FAD FB Page when he came across the following set of knockers among the photos of Ritz Azul.

Because "Anonymous" takes pride in knowing his Knockers, he had Identify and Search for more.

You'll be happy to know that "Anonymous" found more.

See more @the Read more jump-break

Lhea Bernardino Final-Checks Her Bikini Figure For Selfie Of The Day

This was said to be in preparation for the 100-Sexiest parade. From a disciplined diet to rigorous exercise sets, Lhea B toiled her way to getting the wow-figure before you.

*Hat tip to: "T.Tiko"!

More Lhea in various states of Bikini Shots @the Read more jump-break

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Aiko, Bangs, Myrtle, Valeen, Arny and Jen Work on "The Gyrating" For BroCon [Video]

It's a video of the rehersals the BroCon Chicks did, working on the hip swaying, the ass shaking, and some more. All because they want the Bros entertained.

There's Aiko who did the same ass grinding number with Bangs (Dance Show Off Video HERE) keeping all the male dancers hard. I mean, busy.

And Bangs wins it!

Catch the Online Video! Hit the Break

Bridget Suarez Shows You All That Counts!

Bridget Suarez is THE-Most Entertaining Babe in the Industry today. I know. I may be wrong. But even if I am wrong, she's pretty close to being THE-Most anyway. I mean have you seen her BroCon Crowd-Pleaser clip? She sure knows how to entertain the Crowd. Whether Live or for Social Media.

While most babes would take a Selfie, Bridget knows how to properly do it. Knows how to be efficient with the shots she takes. Or maybe just plain showy. Whatever. Feel free to click the photo above to Enlarge.

Thanks "Yes-Man"!

For more of Bridget, those Bosoms, those Buns, entertaining the BroCon Crowd some more! GO for MORE!

Asian Amateur Babe Is A Maica Look-alike

With a less-longer face and maybe a fuller set of Rack, she could be Maica's Naked-Body-Double.

Then again, she gets Nekkid on her own.

NSFW Materials after the JUMP! boys! JUMP! for it!

Monday, July 27, 2015

Princess Legaspi Down and Not-Dirty on the Floor [Week 5]

What we like to call "The Bonus Round", Princess Legaspi's NewCrush stint has a final set and this one got Princess Legaspi in her Panties/Undies down to warm the cold floor.

And there's one Position worthy of landing in the pages of the next Kamasutra for Dummies publication.

You'll find this Week's Kantotinio Choice Picks. The best shots we picked from the 5th Week set. We'll also serve them in Larger Sizes, Enhanced and somewhat Improved for better viewing of Princess' Panties. Or Undies.

The 5th Week Choice Picks @the Read more jump-break

Hair-Dress Dude Tries To Aim Between Angel's Spread Legs And The UNO July BTS Photos

This is believed to be some of the good scenes that happened Behind-the-Scenes, as Angel powered UNO's Anniversary Issue #103. We covered that earlier this month.

Today we go Behind-the-Scenes with a line-up of fun Candid shots. And also compare that with a handful of UNO Samples. Like this Spread-Legged Angel on the cover without the Hair-Drying Dude aiming for her sweet, probably damp, Spot.

I like the BTS ones better. But that's just me.

*Hat tip to: "Ping Guerrero"! and "Lou Sir"!

BTS Shots, Samplers, the works. @the Read more jump-break

Nicole Alexandria Displays Her Cute Little BumBum

Was Nicole Alexandria at the Sexiest? I don't think she was. She ranked #62 on the 2015 Poll though. And she's making up for being away with this BumBum pose.

In case you missed it, Paulene So also showed her BumBum on this post (how could you miss the Featured-Posts line-up above? Next time be sure to give it a go)

*Hat tip to: "Ping Guerrero"!

See more Slender-Sexy Nicole Alexandria from the same set together with NSFW Materials from the past. All @the Read more jump-break
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