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Friday, July 3, 2015

Guess Who Owns The Super Shapely Booty

This is one of the rare times where No-Nudity is okay. When you have someone Ultimately Sexy. Posing with her Ultimately Sexy Babe Parts out to grab your attention as if they were your balls, it's better than Nude.

Check out the Bounce on those Buns. It's like they're calling you.

That Mystery Girl Booty, so full, has got to be something for the Archives of Shapeliest Model Buns.

Find out who owns them @the Read more jump-break

Maica Palo Show Us All Kinds Of Good Posture

Here she is showing us the benefits of Good Posture.

How about Good posture, Side-Ways?

See Maica Palo Busty and in so many shows of Good Posture @the Read more jump-break

S-Cute Girl-On-Girl Special [NSFW]

When Girl turn on Girl, eats Girl, and we mean the Sexiest way.

They start things off being Girlie-girlie Sweet. Reminds me of the Yassi-Arra Gravure Series. Then turn Sweeter.

Reminds me of the Deb Garcia - Sheric Ranning Gravure Set. Then turn Exploratory.

Still reminds me of something. But from a different Genre.

Hat-tip "Asian Porn Surfer"!

An S-Cute Special that pits Cutie on Cutie. See the Samplers and the Link to the rest. Hit the Break-

NSFW Materials are viewable after the JUMP

Thursday, July 2, 2015

The Official 2015 Sexiest Top 10 List!

As Official as "Official" could get, here's a list of the Top 10 2015 Sexiest.

You all know who took the top spot. Even have a good idea of who possibly made the Top 10. But "Officially", here's how it goes.

@the Read more jump-break

A Younger Abby Poblador Significantly Lighter

Here's a Young Abby Poblador, as sexy, lighter by a few pounds and possibly a few extra parts less.

What she lacked in fullness then Abby makes up with something more revealing. See what we're talking about. For Throwback Thursday @the Read more jump-break

Throwback Hot Babes Pee-pee Dela Fruta [NSFW]

From sometime 2009, Viva Hot Babes Maui, Katya and Andrea make their Hot Babes Parts extra delicious by dashing them with Fruits. That's one way to come up with a Shake.

From an old FHM Spread, see the rest Hit the Break

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Valeen Montenegro Gets Sand In Her Bikini Bottom

The exciting July Publication of FHM Hits the Stands and they have an exciting half-naked chick for the Sexiest Publication of the year.

At least as per the ribs showing off, Valeen could be the slimmest Cover Girl they have this year.

Check out the BTS Snaps. Enhanced, Enlarged, possibly with more Ribs. GO for MORE!

Cara Delevingne Bare Boobies [NSFW]

Cara Delevingne gives us Uncensored Titty Treats "Of The Day"!

Nice, Perky looking, Bare Teats.

Thanks "Bob"!

The Star comes off, check 'em out, GO!

Sheila Snow and Model Warm Each Other

The Mystery Babe with the Sexy Bun Crack uncovered HERE, comes out swinging the "Rainbow Profile" way. In this new world of Sexes and Equality of such, there's nothing like Two Hot Chicks going for it to bridge the gap.

Thanks for the materials "Ping Guerrero"!

See the rest, GO for MORE!

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Valeen Montenegro Does Sexy Tarzan As FHM July 2015 Cover Babe

So much for the pervs hoping Jennylyn Mercado, the anointed Sexiest of 2015 will do the cover honors. But not to worry because Valeen Montenegro will do things Jennylyn is too famous to do. Like do Tarzan poses in the skimpiest bikini.

She's also pretty. Maybe Sexier. Which is what this Issue is all about. Because FHM July 2015 comes with the 100-Sexiest 2015 Supplement. See all your favorite Babes. Maybe some of your non-favorites too. More is always Merrier.

What's Merrier is that the FHM July 2015 Publication is now out, available at choice Magazine Stands and Bookstores all over the country. The digital version comes out by next week. Be sure to grab a copy. Get both. More is Merrier nga eh.

For Valeen Montenegro's Teaser Samplers in Enhanced Quality, Hit the Break

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