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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Jinri Park Does Playboy! [NSFW]

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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Lauren Cohan Dominatrix Bra of the Day

Lauren Cohan is the chick from Walking Dead a hit series cuz people like slow walking, brainless villains who do not do anything serious like nuclear bomb a whole country. Its surprising that after 5 seasons its still going strong. W no Nudity. Most people would have been bored. But zombies rock I guess. Just dont make them blog.

To make up for the lack of Nudity here is Lauren implying some wearing bras that arent bras but works very well w nipple clamps.

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Crizelda Roberts Is Crush Material Indeed! [Week 1]

With the 100% Hottie out of the Program, we're all likely to complain about the lack of Nudity, FOREVER. But maybe this brand new set by Crizelda Roberts (with emphasis on the "Z") should keep the complaining to a minimum level. That's how dogs behave. They get a Bone they like, they keep quiet until they get bored again.

It's Week 1 of the Crizelda Roberts April NewCrush set. I like it already. I like it too much I'm already going "Tricia ... who?".

In case you'd like to know Crizelda is 19 years old. A student. And a Bra and Panty Model today. Just the way you like it! *wink* *wink*

You'll find the Week's Choicest Picks, Improved, Enhanced, and Enlarged just the way you like it. (no winking this time).

If you're all set for Crizelda Week 1, GO for MORE!

Monday, March 30, 2015

Dude Recreates Panty-Pulling Scene From One Of Patricia Javier's Movies

I don't know if "Ang Kabit Ni Mrs Montero" had a Panty-Pulling scene but maybe, the guy was only trying to rearrange PJ's skirt. Hike it up. Or Pull it down. Either way that's one of the best Summer Jobs ever.

In case you still haven't heard, Patricia Javier is FHM's April 2015 Cover Girl! FHM April 2015 came out last weekend. Get your copy now!

For the Official BTS Samples in Enlarged and Enhanced form, hit the Break-

Mimai Ong Hand Bra Special

Mimai Ong tickles our imagination as she slips a few too-many fingers to block what should have been Nipples!

Add the Super-Model, Super-Sultry Look and I think Mimai enjoyed tinkering with her peaks.

You'll also spot more Sexy Mimai Pics on this series of Club Filipina Post and also a Video HERE!

*Hat tip to: "Ping Guerrero"!

More Mimai Ong, doing sexy poses, Doggy-Style, at the Read more jump-break

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Patricia Javier FHM Cover Babe, Throwback "Bare Naked" Streaming Video [NSFW]

The early 2000's were made extra sexy with the likes of The Viva Hot Babes, The Baywalk Bodies, Diana Zubiri, Francine Prieto, just to name a few. Then there's also a smoking hot Patricia Javier. And because History likes to repeat itself, until ahmm, it can't repeat itself any further. Patricia Javier makes a comeback as FHM April Babe (some samplers HERE).

Now this is a great Cover Piece because you have so many elements in play. 1)She's still packing the shapely Babe Parts 2)MILF! Is a whole new awesome Category 3)The Mid to Late 30's are the Target Market.

But for those of you in their 40s who don't care. Or would rather see someone in her early 20's looking she like she just turned 18 the day of the cover shoot (creepy). Or those of you who are going "Patricia, Who?". We have a Throwback Treat of a Video to show you just how awesome Patricia and her Lady-Parts were, so we can imagine how her Lady-Parts are probably Awesome Still. Check out the Sexy GIF teaser below.

Liked it? The "Bare Naked" Video Clip of Patricia Javier, Streaming, GO for MORE!

Guess Who Is Singing Really Hard of the Day

I'm not much of a singer. But when I've had too much to drink and I sing belt out a tune like a rock star in one or two occasions I may have come close to peeing myself. not to turn you off or anything cuz you are classy motherfuckers. but that story is somewhat related to the muscle or whatever things that happen to flex when someone belts out a tune.

Especially when in a really tight swimsuit while singing and when they dont have balls.

Singing is a really serious showy business

Anyway can you guess who sang so hard and all that shit? Guess the babe! and then find out who. hit the JUMP friends

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Jessica Alba in a Bikini of the Day

Thats Jessica Alba. In the best Jessica Alba shot for her time at the beach bending over looking like she's giving her pal cunnilingus.

She really owns the best little butt. Gives me ideas Im sure you also have. Maybe yours are dirtier than mine.

A shot that tackles fellatio and an underboobs (bandwagon) shot too. Jump friends

Bangs POV-Style Beach Bang Fantasy of the Day

If there's one thing hot chicks doing social media knows its that their creepers followers like to imagine creepy things to them. I'm talking about putting lotion on their bodies. sometimes self produced lotion.

Bangs Garcia in a bikini gives creepers something to imagine how their story goes. wc involves lotion.

Shit like this makes for more fans.

See more Bikini Bangs cuz you creepers need someone to idolize. hit the jump friends

Rizza Diaz Inhales A Lot Of Air and Holds It [Week 4]

You Gotta love Rizza Diaz' messy hair, half pulled off shirt, and Bursting Bubbles while she strike the typical "Let's Get Ready to Rumble!!!" look. Maybe that's not something a Sports-Caster says but that is a good phrase for the photo below.

Rizza Diaz' Week 4 Idol Set with the usual Improved, Enlarged, Choice Picks for the Week. It's Ready and Loaded. Ready for Rumble.

Get on with Week 4, see it, JUMP HERE!

*Hat tip to: "Red Lion"!
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