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Monday, August 31, 2015

Hello There! Alayzaa!

According to sender "T.Tiko"! that fine set of Babe Buns is by a swimsuit model named Alayzaa! Exactly spelled that way.

*Hat tip to: "T.Tiko"!

Alayzaa turns around and gives us more Bikini Babe Parts views to enjoy. All @the Read more jump-break

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Videos: Sexy Dancing Korean Cutie

Just in: Gilas Pilipinas 3.0 squeezed past Chinese-Taipei-A 77-69, to start their 2015 Jones Cup campaign on a positive note. Tomorrow however they face the gritty Koreans for what-could-be the best tune-up test leading to the FIBA Asia Cup.

And there's a Sexy Korean, not related to anything Sporty, Dancing Sexily because somebody sent it and it's worth posting.

To keep things more interesting, another Korean Video comes after this one.

*Hat tip to: "Asian Porn Surfer"! and "SHAG"!

Videos @the Read more jump-break

Bridget's Gym-Toned Super Bod For Selfie Of The Day

Bridget Suarez is one Pro that diligently works on maintaining that Super Shapely Body of hers. Like they say "No Pain, No Gain", that's Gain for  those of us watching from the crowd. Just listen to the howling rouse of approval she got from the crowd on this Video.

That's Bridget for Fitness Selfie Of The Day, documenting the results of  her hard work. Next time I hope she takes it in the shower.

Here's a good view of the end results, on this Bum-Bum Photo Barrage!

Hat-tip "Yes-Man"!

Bridget takes that Super Bod on a Shoot's Set, and Documents the moment again. Hit the Break

Denise Amano Is So Cute I'm Touching Myself of the Day

I have no other info on this babe except that she's so nice to look at it reminds me of 4 parts vodka, 1 part lime, 5 parts vodka. That strong shit. Which makes everything mellow, relaxing, until the hangover hits you.

More Denise cuz she's so cute. JUMP friends

The Greatest Car Show Ever of the Day!

We dont have the full story. But some dude from the inbox was so excited saying something about this being from a car show that made people think that this is a regular thing in car shows that prolly made more people come to car shows cuz free lap dance from a soaking wet car show car wash model is like the next best thing to getting to score on a chick on a revenge mission against a cheating boyfriend.

Only thing is this shit means you coming to car shows w extra sets of clothes. Or shorts and about 12 pounds of love handles for macho effect. Lap dance motherfuckers.

I think we've seen this before. Maybe the fat dude. See it again. THANKS ROBERTO

JUMP friends

Rita Ora Slo-Mo Upskirt, Boobs Jiggle, in Concert Video of the Day

There are these Rita Ora posted concert Tits yesterday.

Some pervert like me now posted a video mix of the concert where Rita Ora jumped to rocking tits, gave the fans a show of her snatch. Its entertaining...,the video...,the upskirt especially. Some scenes were also slowed down cuz slow mo jugs bouncing and snatch sighting is dirtier.

See that show. VIDEO of the Day! JUMP friends

Voluptuous Model In "Magtanim Ay Di Biro" With Less Baro Then The Usual Farmer

What is apparently Model Carla De Vera or Arla-something (with a confusing story we'll leave out for another day). Most importantly, Whose Vehicle Safety Functions we talked about Earlier, comes up with another Socially Provocative photo shoot starting with this:

That Farming is shitty work but when you put a half-naked Chick into the picture, it becomes a Better Picture.

There's really almost no lesson to be learned when it involves nothing but a Half Naked Model.

Find the rest of this Farm Oriented Shoot, plus the link to tons and tons of photos on the Model's Social Media Page. All that, Hit the Break

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Rosie Jones All Kinds Of 'Fuck Me Hard' Lingerie of the Day

Rosie Jones has been The Rosie Jones Glamour Model, NUTS UK, Titty Teasing star since some of you have first felt the itch of pubes getting too course for comfort. What Imma saying is she's old. But still marketable. Cuz Tits and half naked shit!

There she is modeling Lingerie that says 'Fuck me hard, Bitches' in many ways and in slutty clothing. Thats like forcing you to fuck for whatever the fuck this fashion is.

My point will be better understood in Pictures. See them. JUMP Bitches!

Friday, August 28, 2015

Air Bags Never Looked This Yummy Before!

They probably won't keep you safe from road mishaps. But man, do they look good.

Of course Bare Babe Parts looking that good inside a moving vehicle, will likely be the cause road accident.

Thanks "Big Member"!

More Photos, GO for MORE!

Megan Rivera And Belle Miranda Are Threesome Special Nymphs

The same Indie Flick Twosome we discussed at the "Kapalit Sa Piling Mo" Indie movie, screen-named for Indie purposes as Megan Rivera and Belle Miranda, these duo come out showing off the Perks of getting lost in these part of the woods.

Apparently they are Nymphs who not only Tag Team Make-out with you, but also give you some Skinny Dipping show.

That's a great excuse to come home late, smelling like another chick's perfume, and a hickie.

Thanks for the tip "Roel"!

The Unrated Trailer for a 2013 Indie movie "Halik ng Nypha" seduces you, GO for MORE!
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