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Monday, April 21, 2014

Emma Stone Smokin Movin Pokies

Like the Scarjo nudes from the other post this one's not Marvel related cuz Marvel doesn't allow the power of causing instant boner but the Amazing Spiderman's bitch played by Emma Stone in the movie not XXX version is seen above sporting pokies no shirt can tame.

Those nipples are so hard they should count as weapons.

Scarjo Close-Up Nudes from Under The Skin Movie Preview of the Day! [NSFW]

Capt America has nothing on today's shit cuz this one moves further than sissy nerd cleavage while fighting super villains. It goes down into what might-be some fucking lady-lips and I'm talking about medical terms. Though the proper medical term would be Labia. And Scarjo may have shown them pre-baby and all prolly cuz Marvel wouldnt let her show it. No naked aliens in the Avengers.

Can I say LABIA on the front page? We can always get away with it by the NSFW tag and saying the contributor failed junior high biology twice. That should be as good as sort of medical degree in the barrios.

Scarjo's movie should rock better than Capt America cuz this one's better cuz it involves art, maybe awards which means more nudity in the future. More LABIA. I like that.

What you'll like are no stars on the privates and better resolution. A Close up too.

NSFW cuz we'll ask you to find the LABIA for medical education. jump boys.


Chinese Model Christine Wong Is Loaded

As you'll see below, Christine's hand is not enough to contain those Loaded E-Cup Bazookas.

Look at your own hands and ponder on whether they're a better fit. Maybe Christine is grabbing them the wrong way. After the break, see Christine Grab more effectively. With passion.

Incidentally there's a rumor going around about the existence of a Christine Wong Sex Tape. We don't know if it's the same HK Based Model featured here, or another chick with the same name. Hopefully a chick as Gifted! We honestly haven't seen the alleged leaked tape yet. But as per the rumor, Google can probably help you guys best.

For now, after the break Christine Wong shows you what Loaded is all about!

Hat-tip "Philip"!


Sunday, April 20, 2014

Hey Look! Hot Model Has A Tiger Tattoo Peeking From Her Thighs

Among other 'peeking' things worth calling out.

Hat-tip "JKR"!

More of this Model with Tiger Tattoo and the rest of her. That's after the Break below

Bianca Perlata Smooches The Summer Hotties [Video]

This is suppose to be a BTS Footage for a FHM Hotties-of-Summer Videos one of which is currently playing at FHM (here's the link).

But today's video is different. It's Sexier. It's kind of Kinkier. It's also a raw BTS video which has Lhea, Nicole, and some other chicks getting quick but lively kisses by their G2G Ring Leader, Bianca Peralta.

If that doesn't get you off, then let's all hope for the finger banger video. If there is one.

While we hope and wait, Hat-tip again "Red Lion"! Credit also goes to "Esteban" for throwing the pass!

The Video plays, after the break

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Couch Sexiness With Ann Miranda

The Babe with the Sexiest Selfies was part of a professional shoot that was so seductive, so hot, even the couch was turned on.

Hat-tip "Ping Guerrero"!

View the rest of the photos, Hit the Break-

Even More Bubble Gang Summer Special, Behind-The-Skit-Scenes Bikini Scenes!

What is officially accounted for as Set #3 for this Bubble Gang Summer 2014 serving of Bikini Babes Photos, with the finest Summer Special of funny, sexy, entertaining Babes.

This one's BTS, literally with the cameras and the dudes and all. But if you ignore the non-sexy elements you'll find yourselves deep into Bikini Paradise.

If you're feeling generous with your time, then you can check out our Label on this summer's Bubble-Gang-Babes Special!

For this Latest, BTS Bikini Scenes however, find the sexy photos Aplenty and then sexy some more,  You all JUMP HERE!!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Bro App! Your Clever Wingman [Tech WAV]

"Be that thoughtful Better-Half chicks dig!"

Since we're now suppose to be a Tech Blog too, blogging not-exactly about the latest in Gadgets but rather the More Interesting of innovations not necessarily involving Sex, then let us to point you to this very interesting App called the Bro App.

If you're one of those dudes who's so awesome you are required to keep in touch with the wife or the girlfriend or both, on a regular basis because being awesome also has it's downside, then you'll love this clever app called the Bro App. Unfortunately made available only for Android Devices, this APP keeps the Relationship Happy by constantly keeping you in touch Automatically.

Find out more, Continue Reading ...