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Sunday, September 21, 2014

More Bench "The Naked Truth" Half-Nakedness

It's not at all Naked. But "Naked" can be interpreted in so many ways. I guess this is one time they didn't take it as literally as we wanted them to deliver.

Still it's a crowd drawing event and thanks to "Anonymous" and regular Kantotinio Trooper "Yes-Man" we have more photos to add to this revealing Naked-Truth early contributions.

Marian's half-nakedness leads this parade as the Queen racks-up the Royal Victory Laps.

The rest of the photos, hit the break-

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Ellen Adarna and Company Not Naked for The Naked Truth Show of the Day

If you were as busy as ESTEBAN who was alternately sleeping and masturbating cuz the weather was masturbatory yesterday the Naked Truth Bench Denim and Underwear show was cancelled and moved to tonight (Sat Sep 20). I also didnt know that but I wasnt masturbating all day.

But it happened earlier or is still happening & XTRA sent me some of the photos contributed by "GERRY", "Anonymous" and "PING". and "GERRY" sent photos of half naked dudes too so I recommend we block his ass from the email. but anyway we have some photos and LINKS to more photos cuz this show is rocking solid and Ellen Adarna is over dressed in the photo above considering a lot of things that happened lately but I'm still turned on cuz Ellen is my favorite. nude or not.

There's also Kim Chiu, Georgina Wilson, Solenn Huessaff, Jessy Mendiola, and a lot of Marian Rivera. They werent naked but I still approve of this.

See some of the photos while we wait for the updated ones maybe tomorrow. The Naked Truth Photos Jump friends

Natalie Hayashi Pits, Cleaves and Bikini Bod Show of the Day

Just like this post with Liz Naluz showing off lots of edible girl parts this one is also good and without the clown face.

Natalie Hayashi bikini bod hit the jump friends

Rosie Jones Poolside Topless Page 3 Girl of the Day [NSFW]

This angelic face is the face of the Page 3 franchise. Those solid knockers kept so many wankers loyal. Thats cuz those tits never get boring. Or maybe tits never get boring. whatever Page 3 Girl topless shit cuz NSFW shit like this matter. jump friends.

NSFW materials viewable after the jump

JLo and Iggy Do "Booty" Video of the Day

Jennifer Lopez is too old for this shit and Iggy Azalea is an upcoming PORN STAR. Together they come up with a softcore Music Video and its solid cuz these babes are showing off their butt. Rubbing it against each other. Shaking it around like strippers. Its a girl on girl video plus theres bad music to go with it. The best thing there is to good show and bad music since Annekapal.

Watch the video now fap later jump friends

Friday, September 19, 2014

Sara Malakul Lane See-Thru Tits for Bed Weather of the Day

It is swim or sink time season again cuz if you're living in Manila right now the rain has been fucking pouring since last night. Continuously some dumbasses on social media who I like a lot cuz misery loves company are quoting Bible stuff from the great big flood. But Im not buying that cuz this is not God's work. This is just bad weather. God wouldnt do that again. Not when it didnt work the first time.

To keep you cozy if you're not trying to fight the flood or anything like that Sara Malakul who I've written before (NSFW lesbian shit here) is doing some see thru tits thing cuz she's erotic that way.

see more jump bed weather wankers

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Get Ready To Cum Screaming

In utmost satisfaction, that is. Not the "Mga kapitbahay, sakloloooo!" kinda scream because we're not all about that bit. Bondage Adult Gears and Stuff is all about Bedroom Fantasy Role Playing. The Adult kind. And sometimes, believe it or not, some dudes like to be dominated. Not in real life of course because where's the fun in that? But in the bedroom however, with cuff and the proper get-up, getting spanked by 'Mommy' can be Good! Just so as long as the secret stays in the bedroom.

In keeping the Fantasy fun and at the same time safe, has stocked up everything you need for that make believe dungeon you'd always wanted to be sexually enslaved in. They even have an entire starter kit just for that kinky stuff.

All for some Adult Fun in the bedroom.

Check 'em out:

Throwback Brandy Gier Hotness [Throwback Thursday]

Because old sexiness are fun to revisit. Here's a good 'ol days sexy set with Brandy Gier.

*Hat tip to: "Hindu 10"!

More Brandy photos for Throwback Thursday @the Read more jump-break

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