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Friday, November 28, 2014

Andrea Torres Topless For FHM December 2014

With Bazoongers like those, this Cover opportunity is long over-due.

Finally, something we can see without straining our eyes too much. Andrea Torres and her Babest Parts make FHM Cover for their year-end publication. The way it see it, we'll be seeing a LOT.

Hat-tip "Anonymous"!

The December Publication of hit the stands December 1st. Be sure to grab a copy! Make it Two!

Meantime, the Andrea Torres Samplers!

The LJ Reyes Ladies Confessions Vol 8, Now Out!

It's the time of the year again boys. That time of the year when you take out 195pesos from your hard-earned Christmas Bonuses so you can get the Sweetest Yearly, Adult Bedtime Story Book better known as "Celebrity Diaries"! Here's Cover Babe LJ Reyes to make you Crave for a Copy!

Now on it's 8th Volume, this year's theme must be something about food. Which includes melons, sushi, and everything you can mix with regular food. Babes included!

Aside from cover babe LJ Reyes, this year's Story Tellers include Daiana Menezes, April Gustilo, Annicka Dolonius, Rizza Diaz, Maica Palo, Nicole Alexandria, and this year's come-out-babe Lhea Bernardino doing a pose for what may or may not be a story entitled "Wag Po Kuya"!

Just in case the importance of the title failed to get your attention. Celebrity Diaries, Ladies Confessions Vol 8 in NOW OUT! Available at news stands, magazine stands, Nationwide. Grab a copy, only 195php, and tell us all about it!

Hat-tip "Red Lion"!

For Samplers in Enhanced, Enlarged forms, hit the break

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Throwback: Paloma Esmeria Does A Cleavagey Supergirl

From 100-Sexiest 2010, top favorite over-the-years Paloma Esmeria takes it to the Pole.

It would be great if someone sends in the video because this Stripper Moment seems like a fun episode.

Enjoy the rest of the Act. Also see Paloma at the Sexiest 2010 Compare Warez with the best of the Babes and come out on top. Even against Angel Locsin. True Story!

Thanks "Ping Guerrero"!

All for #TBT, GO FOR MORE!

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Yassi Benitez and Arra Castro Pillow Fight In Their Undies Like True Gravure Idols

Yassi Benitez looks natural for this Gravure thing, while Arra Castro makes a sexy comeback for FHM on this Month's Gravure Special.

It's a little late in the month to be talking about it but if you still don't have a Copy of FHM November 2014, this Gravure Set should give you Two More Sexy Reasons to go out and grab one.

Yassi, Arra, Lingerie Pillow Fight! Sounds fun.

We have Photo Samplers and the Teaser Video too. GO FOR MORE!

Honey Lena Armpits Sexiness

With just as much Mound Sexiness to go with the smooth, flawless Pits.


Hat-tip "Buboy"! Thanks!

Honey Lena Bloom gives us more and more and more views of those clear Tasty pits, Hit the break

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Princess Chua Is A Boobacious Samurai Girl

I am not much of a Martial Arts fan but I think one of the basics of the Arts is to avoid the enemy's strikes. With Melons as big as those I think even one of the old, blind Kung-Fu dudes can hit those balls with little effort, pinata style.

The set still makes a interesting Martial Arts Not-XXX Story.

*Hat tip to: "8its"!

The rest of the Princess Chua LOADED Samurai Girl set @the Read more jump-break

Rose McGowan Full Frontal Nudity for Magazine of the Day [NSFW]

Rose McGowan is a 40-year old actress who made it big in Hollywood starting w a 90's Tit show Movie and then a TV show "CHARMED".

Somewhere along the way she married Quentin Tarantino's 2nd in command, got more roles, got power, prolly fucked Tarantino's 2nd in Command good. Now Rose McGowan is directing, producing, all that shit cuz thats what Power is. On the side she's also stripping cuz she wants the 90s wankers to know she still packs the goods. The same goods that keeps laying Tarantino's 2nd in Command good.

I like this shit cuz I like shapely 40something women. I like it when they strip. And I remember fapping to this Rose Gogo Dance Intro for a great zombie movie by Tarantino and his 2nd in Command.

The Uncensored NSFW Rose McGowan full frontal photo hit the Jump friends

Ariana Grande Does It Like A Stripper For The American Music Awards

I say she's been practicing. They should have installed a Pole in there, maybe sold drinks too.

Too bad lap dances weren't part of the routine.

It was still a good performance. Judging from the photos. I still have to see the Video. Maybe later in the day.

All the same, petite Performer Ariana Grande who teases the Bill Cosby outta most of us, had a steamy sexy number at the AMAs. View the rest of the performance in Photos, Y'all JUMP HERE!

Thanks "Bob"!

Ann Miranda Prepares To Strip For Week 4

Up front let us tell you that Ann continued with the NippleS Teasing. That's with an "S" because we treat all Nipples with as much enthusiasm. But here she is continuing with the Hot Sexiness, nevermind the lack of actual nudity. If there's anyone who can get away with it, it's got to be Ann.

Get a full 25-picture view of the Week 4 Hottie only on the official Hottie page. You will be asked to register first.

For this Week's Choice Cuts in Enlarged and Enhanced form, we have it as always.

Thanks "Red"!

Choice Picks, Enhanced and Enlarged, GO FOR MORE!

Monday, November 24, 2014

Sabine Jemeljanova is Your Bookish Topless Page 3 Girl of the Day

She has to hold a book pretend to read cuz chicks cant just go topless and maybe reading is not a reason to be topless but at least she tried something. Surely better than just standing there, topless.

More NSFW topless poses from today's tits showing Page 3 Girl

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