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Friday, October 24, 2014

Guess Who's Doing The Naughty School Chick "Standing In The Corner" Pose

Maybe not in a corner literally but it serves the purpose. Both in reprimanding the Naughty Babe and in putting her in Spanky-Spanky Position. Because in cases of Naughty Uniform Babes, discipline can't be avoided. And the same is true with Boner.

Reminds me of this Sexy Student Apple Angeles Naughty-ness.

But that's not Apple Angeles. No sir. That's somebody else.

1) She was FHM Cover Girl months back
2) She is Cover Babe for another Magazine

Get your answer in the form of a Naughty School Babe! Hit that Ass. We mean the Break!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Aiko Climaco's Yummy Pits

In case you failed to see it, Aiko Climaco did a super-dance number with Sunshine Garcia at Dutdutan 14 (video HERE).

Going further than Body-Rocking Dance moves, we take a closer look at Aiko's clear, smooth, I'd-like-to-lick-them Pits. Something of a follow-up to the Aiko Sexy Armpits Post earlier this year!

When it's that Sexy, it deserves more. Find some more Sexy Pits Shots. Hit the Break

The Viva Babes Pantaxa Season 1 Video of the Day

This is a video of some Viva Babes. Not exactly the Hot Babes but if you want VHB goodness you will find Yam Concepcion and Ashley Rivera leading the new Viva Hot Babes HERE

The video w screen shot above is also good. Watch it at the LINKBUCKS FREE jump.

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Look! More Monique Zhaberon Formal Undress of the Day

From this Mystery Formal Babe we discovered more of Monique Zhaberon's set. Cuz we roll that way and we're pointing you to them. Cuz I dunno. We like semi formal nakedness

From the So Hottest (Horny) Asian Girls collection jump here friends

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

PBA Season Opener Muses of the Day

The First Asia Pro Basketball League opened its I dunno what number of Season but despite the ass-fuckers that were the Asian basketball Conference and the Basketball World Cup it doesnt matter if we didnt win (or we fucking lost badly). We have a good Pro League and it opened w the hottest Muses. Madam Jinky Pacquiao included.

Ellen Adarna, Ritz Azul, Megan Young, they were there. You'll also find them HERE! Cuz like the PBA we know our Sexiest Filipina Celebrities.

It was a good season opening show. Next Season I wish they open it with Muses in Bikini. I tell you it'll sell more tickets.

The rest of the Muses! Jump friends

The Mimi Casil Lady Lumps and Humps Show Week 3 [Hottie Week 3]

Just like that, we're about to blow by another Month. But not without proper sightings of the most beautiful babes and shapeliest babe-parts. In this case, it's Car Show Model Mimi Casil showing off her Curves as she keeps us rooted for the 3rd Week of her Hottie stint.

Expect to find more NippleS-Teasing. Expect to see shots worthy of the Underboobs Bandwagon. Expect to see Loaded Stuff. You'll find the full 25pcs set on the official page that will require you for a brief fill-out registration procedure.

But as sure as we have the Larger Sizes in Enhanced quality, you'll find 10 of the Choicest Picks from "Red Lion"!@the NSFW Read more jump-break

Monday, October 20, 2014

Aica Sy Cleavagey for Selfie Of The Day

Aica Sy is the Online Babe this month, blah blah blah.

Yeah we have her here in some Selfie Pics guest starring her cleavage.

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Sunday, October 19, 2014

The NEW Viva Hot Babes Do "BARE Magazine"! [Video]

This is almost a month old now, all the same this entry has two welcome news. 1) a Men's Magazine Launch, "Bare" Magazine made most interesting by Chloe Dauden's BARE-ness (check it out HERE). 2) To help fire-off the Magazine, a NEW Generation of Viva Hot Babes are introduced.

The VHB are an institution in their own right. Even your dicks will agree with that. If you'd like to check out the quality VHB stuff we've posted before you can check 'em out on this VHB Label (which will now include this NEW VHB post). You can also check 'em out among the other quality Sexy Actresses on the freshly minted "BIGGEST COLLECTION" of the Sexiest Filipina Celebrities!

Back to the NEW! Viva Hot Babes, the latest generation of dick-raisers include Roxanne Barcelo (Roxee B), Ashley Rivera, and Yam Concepcion whose catwalk side-boobies GIF above seals the sexiness.

Thanks "Ping Guerrero"!

Catch the Video playing after you GO for MORE!

Guess Who Showed Up For Professional Day

It's "Professional Day" at the studio and a Tie is required. That's it. And that's all today's Mystery Babe is wearing.

1)This Mystery Babe got Cheeky in a set only recently
2) This Guess-Who Babe won 1st at something recently
3) Obviously, this Babe has a nice set of Ginormous Knockers

Oh don't mind the clues. You can Uncover the Babe by jumping Beyond the Break!

Saturday, October 18, 2014

"The Biggest Collection" of the Sexiest Filipina Celebrities Is Here!

Just like "The Biggest Collection" of Hottest Filipina Models we posted last week I finally had the necessary 2 1/2 hours to spend putting together another "The Biggest Collection" this time of Filipina Celeb---rities.

I'm talking sexy pictures, sexy stories, sexy vid clips of your favorite Sexy Actresses like Marian Rivera, Twinkle Adarna, Solenn Huessaff, Bangs Garcia, and we also have the Sex Sirens like Gwen Garci, Katya Santos, the Viva Hotbabes, Bangs Garcia, fuck! Bangs Garcia is an all around actress. She should win something. See thru Bra at least.

The Collection puts you right at a place where all your Sexiest Favorite Stars and links to all the posts we have of them or can point to .... are all there in one page. Because Pinay Celebrities are one if not the sexiest celeb--rities in Asia or probably the whole world. ISIS states included.

I had JOE DOE do the honors of writing the shit that comes w the BIGGEST COLLECTION OF THE SEXIEST FILIPINA CELEBRITIES. You should see it. BOOKMARK IT too.

We give you: "The BIGGEST COLLECTION" of the Sexiest Filipina Celebrities JUMP HERE! (Linkbucks Free)

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