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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

CJ Young Torn Short-Shorts of the Day!

By now these NSFW CJ POSTS have given you a clear idea of who owns the hot bunny tattoo. But even when she's only half naked, CJ is still hot, entertaining, and those shorts are hot too. we should rip them off and burn them.

Lets imagine she has no panties beneath the shorts.

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Tricia Santos NewCrush Peek-A-Boo March [Week 1]

Former PBB Teen Tricia Santos livens up the mad month of March as the designated NewCrush. Here she is with a pose that's too hard not to crush on.

Go ahead. Zoom in and find black, 2nd undies. Booo! But we're still looking.

We've also picked our favorites from the Week's batch of Shots. Find the slightly enhanced, improved, larger size Picks @the Read more jump-break

Monday, March 2, 2015

Jinri Park Presents: Monster Mammary

The Monstrous Babe-Parts Show continues for Jinri Park as she shares a view of those extremely cleavagey coconuts. There's also view of Coconut Trees but we're not talking about those.

That's a handful!

In case you missed it, Jinri Presented Monster Muff recently. See what it's about HERE!

Hat-tip "Red Lion"!

More Enhanced Jinri Park presenting her sweet Babest-Parts, hit the Break-

Charm Dela Cruz And Super Bikini Bod for Selfie Of The Day

Charm is ready for Bikini Season (check out these Bikini-Ready-Babes post) and it's a promising one. Just look at how shapely she is. Perfect!

Charm also documents the hard-work because that's what hard-work is for.

To see something more Impressive with Charm at the helm, check out this NSFW Post (NSFW Materials viewable)

You can also get a load of all our SELFIES/SELF-SHOOTER Posts. JUMP HERE!

Hat-tip "Mang Sinalsal"!

Viva Hot Babes In The Flesh STREAMING VIDEO of the Day!

It's the show w bouncing 'Nipples and Boobs' we gave you a shot of HERE. And also the guys gave you the chance to enjoy fully HERE. We also have some Sexy GIFS, Pics and streaming portions HERE. That's a lot of VHB In the Flesh alternatives.

This time it's the full show in STREAMING VIDEO. No need to download anything. No need to download parts to combine. They'll prolly watermark it later in the day but thats later in the day. for now its bouncing 'Nipples and Boobs' with the Viva Hot Babes IN THE FLESH.

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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Max Collins Maxes Up The Sexiness For Her FHM XV Shoot

It's an Anniversary Publication. FHM Philippines' 15th Year. Yup. They've been serving up the scantily clad babes for that long.

And to round-up 15 years of Babes, they've enlisted Max Collins to provide the Main Course.

What? No Blow-out? They should have given us something like this Big Babe Blow-out (you should check that out) on the inside spread. Or enlisted the Ultimate Vixens of all 3 Batches for a Wet-Tshirt Video.

All the same, this is bound to be a good FHM publication, XV and all. So don't forget to grab a copy because they're rolling out NOW!

Max Collins gives you a peek at the BTS happenings just so you're sure there's a Scantily Clad Babe on this publication. We'll also give you a Max Collins dance video from Party Pilipinas just so you know this Babe can ahmm, Dance too.

All that! GO for MORE!

Donna Coo Smooth Sexy Pits for Selfie Of the Day

Donna Coo is known for her cute smile and flawless skin. Flawless Smooth Skin that includes her Sexy Pits. Yum-yum. Makes me sound even more perverted. Here she is giving us a Selfie to show that.

I could eat rice off that. I wouldnt mind it at all.

You should also see this Donna Coo Hottest Asian BIKINI GALORE post cuz she's smooth and sexy there too.

For more Donna and Smooth Sexy Stuff. We give you a Party going Donna and her Stuff. Orbs and some lame upskirt. hit the Jump friends

Coleen Garcia And Bikini Body Finally Get Their Magazine Cover [Photos and Video]

After the Breathtaking Holiday Bikini-Vacation Pictures featuring Coleen and her super-toned Bikini Body (View them HERE, HERE and HERE), we couldn't help but clamor for Coleen's own Men's Magazine Spread. Our wishes came true. More or less.

It may not be on a Men's Magazine literally because Cosmo cornered this one. But here's what I think: Men can ask their wives/girlfriends to score the Magazine for them (try BUQO), take the copy to the bathroom for a little personal, light reading, and it's just as good as a Men's Magazine. Men still Win!

To give you more reasons to sweet-talk your GFs/Wives into getting a copy, Coleen Samplers and the Official Video are viewable after the Break below. Hit it!

Aifha Medina Breakfast and Side-Boobs of the Day

It's a heavy breakfast with Aifha Medina sideboobs and sexiness or hotness whatever makes you roll in a good way.

For the 4th Week of Aifha Medina's At Home doing Slutty Stuff Online Idol she stops baking and starts eating cereals off the box and prolly coffee with shot of rhum (Tanduay?) mixed in there for good morning measures.

See the LARGER SIZES, Improved stuff cuz we have a few picks, good morning starts JUMP HERE friends


Friday, February 27, 2015

Kim Chiu Makes Everything Nice Accessible In Sexy Gifs of the Day

Kim Chiu makes a lot like a Helicopter or upside down cake but w sushi not cake you get what I mean all you have to do is look at the sexy gif above. Thats fucking sexy and accessible really cuz if you grab that w you teeth and all what is she gonna do? Yeah.

A follow up to this Kim Chiu GIF this week

FOR the latest one w Kim upside down and accessible see the Sexy GIFS JUMP HERE friends

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