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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Gwen Does The Titty Anthem Pose

The so-called "Hotness Meter" would go berserk on this Hot One by Viva Hot Babe Gwen Garci, as she touches the titty like a Sexy Anthem was playing.

While we're in the thick of the VHB you should check out the wide collection of VHB stuff we have HERE! Or if you'd like Wikipedia funny senseless shit, check out "Bob's" VHB Special Page! just for laughs.

Thanks "Mang Sinalsal"!

For the rest of Gwen Garci's beach side, Big-Boobie Show-off Snaps, including a nicer, clearer, copy of the anthem pose above, GO FOR MORE!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Miley Cyrus Does the Topless Michael Jackson "Awww" of the Day [NSFW]

Topless Michael Jackson "Awww"? That kinda gay description came with the set. THANKS PERRY! for the description but its okay my corny brother. You gave us titties and though i fucking dont get hard w Miley Cyrus anymore shes still fucking better than stiff shit Taylor Swift. So salut to you.

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Roxee B's Loaded Parts RELOADED

While we work on yesterday's glitch, how about Roxee B Babest Goodies fit for extensive eyeballing? It's okay to strain your eyes.

52500579184387976797.jpg 57413300_roxee5.jpg 50559903458490672454.jpg

88422702912587401669.jpg 62827790910350972540.jpg

Unfair! That seems like all of it. :)  So here are the rest!

57413299_roxee4.jpg 57413301_roxee7.jpg 06253832223026514438.jpg

Still if you insist: Find the rest of the Good, Babest Stuff plus some Videos, JUMP HERE!

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Oh My! Bikini Ni Mimai for Selfie of The Day!

In case you didnt know what the Oh My! was all about Mimai Ong was on this Club Filipina Magazine spread that had the phrase wc also means that you Joe should go out more.

Here she is again for our Self Shooter Collection making us drool w the super figure she's posing with. I think bathrooms deserve something more like total nudes. Maybe someday.

For now if you're at home cuz its a Sunday prolly nursing a bad hangover from last night have a quality time w Mimai Ong's quality Bikini body for our Selfie Of The Day Jump Here friends

Taylor Swift and her Bikini Friends of the Day

Taylor Swift is one hot, slim, flexible looking thing. She can sing too. But whats cool today is she has sexy bikini friends. I like chicks w hot friends. Makes for a fun party.

For people like "Joe" who doesn't go out much. pretend you're partying w these chicks.

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The Maui Taylor HOT STUFF Special of the Day [NSFW]

There was no Maui Taylor scene on this HOT STUFF POST although you'll find lotsa Viva Hot Babes there. But we like Maui. I like Maui. i especially like Nude Maui.

Its not the Viva Hot Babes without Maui Taylor. Nude particularly so we're bringing those Nudes in cuz we rock that way. or cuz we have some.

See the Maui Taylor HOT STUFF Special-NSFW Jump Here friends

Friday, January 23, 2015

NSFW: Guess Who's Back For More "Revealing Scenes"

If you're a regular, you probably know who!

*Hat tip to: "Ping Guerrero"!

Enjoy the breathtaking show of artistic photography @the Read more jump-break

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Roxee B Asia Brewery Calendar 2015 of the Day

Chloe Dauden did this Asia Brewery 2015 Calendar here. But another Viva Babe, Roxee B, also joins the drinking party. See Samplers of Roxee's 2015 Calendar:

Like we keep saying This has Dates and a Hot Chick.

Something to SALUT to. cuz the-Babe-Formerly-Known as Roxanne Barcelo drops one beverage after another in the sexiest way possible. Drink responsibly. but you can look as recklessly as you please. fucker.

See the rest of Roxee B's Asia Brewery 2015 Calendar Jump friends

Top Kim Kardasian Selfies For Selfie Of The Day [NSFW]

As the Cleavagez Full Cover of Kim Kardashian's "Selfish" (Selfie Book) was revealed let us run through the many Unofficial Selfies Kim did over the past years.

Go through the very best, some NSFW Self Shooters.

Hat-tip "Yes-Man"!

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Anash Asia Has A 2015 Calendar

Anash Asia Gomez has a Multi-Sponsored 2015 Calendar.

I do hope this comes in other variants. One with a Horse to compare with Meg Imperial's, one in Bikini to compare with the Tanduay Babes', and one Naked to compare with Charm's. Okay, Charm's isn't a Calendar. But she's Naked and that's enough reason to want the same from other Hot Models.

As we anticipate Variants, view some of Anash Asia Gomez' BTS Shots which in this case also means "Buns-T-back-Shots", apparently in the making of the 2015 Calendar.

Hat-tip "Big Member"!

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