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Saturday, August 29, 2015

Rosie Jones All Kinds Of 'Fuck Me Hard' Lingerie of the Day

Rosie Jones has been The Rosie Jones Glamour Model, NUTS UK, Titty Teasing star since some of you have first felt the itch of pubes getting too course for comfort. What Imma saying is she's old. But still marketable. Cuz Tits and half naked shit!

There she is modeling Lingerie that says 'Fuck me hard, Bitches' in many ways and in slutty clothing. Thats like forcing you to fuck for whatever the fuck this fashion is.

My point will be better understood in Pictures. See them. JUMP Bitches!

Friday, August 28, 2015

Air Bags Never Looked This Yummy Before!

They probably won't keep you safe from road mishaps. But man, do they look good.

Of course Bare Babe Parts looking that good inside a moving vehicle, will likely be the cause road accident.

Thanks "Big Member"!

More Photos, GO for MORE!

Megan Rivera And Belle Miranda Are Threesome Special Nymphs

The same Indie Flick Twosome we discussed at the "Kapalit Sa Piling Mo" Indie movie, screen-named for Indie purposes as Megan Rivera and Belle Miranda, these duo come out showing off the Perks of getting lost in these part of the woods.

Apparently they are Nymphs who not only Tag Team Make-out with you, but also give you some Skinny Dipping show.

That's a great excuse to come home late, smelling like another chick's perfume, and a hickie.

Thanks for the tip "Roel"!

The Unrated Trailer for a 2013 Indie movie "Halik ng Nypha" seduces you, GO for MORE!

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Throwback: Angel Locsin's Darna Super Power Boobies

Would you believe it's been 10 years since Angel Locsin took those cleavage powers to the TV Screens as Darna?

Our friends from FAD the Facebook version, goes for a 10th-Year Celebration by throwing back Angel "Darna" Boobies in fighting action. Find the TBT Album on the FAD FB Page!

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Solenn Twerks It Like Miley The Full Show Video

The Full Video from an Angle!

It's what's Trending apparently. Almost anything Like-Miley. Or even the Better-Than-Miley ones seems to sell like hotcakes. That's if it has at least one Hot Babe doing the Like-Miley Twerking. Even if the Hot Babe can't do it properly.

Hell! There's always audience participation to block out the fact that she can't Twerk It like Valeen could!

As asshole "Bob" puts it profoundly "I'm buying this Shit"!

The Full Video of Solenn's Twerk show at Canada plays Online, GO for MORE!

Guess The Super Babe Who Brought A Friend To The Selfie Of The Day Party

Because Two Hot Chicks are enough to start a good sexy story, our Mystery Babe makes taking bathroom Selfies a Couple's Activity.

Is it Superman? Nope.

Is it Supergirl? Nope.

Is is Super Hot? Yes. The "friend" goes away but Underboobs (without the Bandwagon this time), Happens. Hit the Break and Reveal!

Grey Leads This Cast Of Topless Pop Art Playmates!

I believe the Models are Kriz Zel Co, Maribel Esteban, (no relation to "Esteban" the blogger) and Grey Gomez. Playboy Models in the naughtiest Latex bed-ready get-up. 

You'll find the Censored video BTS serving of the show of Babest Parts on this other Post

For what seems like the Requested Stills of the mentioned video, Grey leads the cast again this time without the Censoring stars, Hit the Break-

NSFW Materoals are viewable after the JUMP!

Solenn Does The Stripper "Slap My Own Ass" Routine [Video]

A pretty good comparison to this Anne-Twerk-Video. Only this one has No Twerking and more sexy element to the story about what real Cowboys love to do.


A video posted by @solennheussaff on

Hat-tip "Gerry"!

More Solenn Heussaff Hotness, TRY THIS!

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Kelly Brook Full Nude with Messy Menstruation Body Paint of the Day [NSFW]

Kelly Brook has one of the best tits that side of Europe. Two of the biggest shapeliest too. Cuz Im running out of things to say about tits.

Kelly Brook messy menstruation looking body paint UNCENSORED cuz you fuckers like it kinky and messy that way. Hit the JUMP friends

NSFW Materials after the JUMP!

Look! It's Bell Miranda!

First glance at the Contribution Inbox, I thought I was seeing THIS Indie Flick's Belle Miranda

Then I noticed the Indie one had an extra "E". Yet, it still makes me wonder.

Then I started looking intently at the Hot Bikini Model above and I stopped caring. For a minute at least.

*Hat tip to: "Asdfgh"!

Find more Bell sexiness to make you care less @the Read more jump-break

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