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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Throwback Thursday: Jacq Yu was Something Semi Naked for Playboy

From 2009 we have Jacq Yu posing like she found herself topless in an all-boys highschool pep rally so she made sure she protects he boobs cuz you know how hormones in boys go when they see boobs.

This was around the time Jacq was also making the Classic Elastoseal Commercial that made so many boys horny while watching Sunday Sports programs.

good times motherfuckers!

Throwback: See Jacq Yu's Playboy 2009 Photos. JUMP HERE!

Throwback Thursday: Andrea Del Rosario NSFW Videos and Clips [NSFW]

From as far back as 2002 w/c is how Throwbacks are suppose to be. You're learning we're learning. now some hot stuff. Loaded.

There's also this MAXIM Spread by Andrea cuz she was very busy as a Viva Hotbabe. You should see tits. IT!

But if you like movie tits that bring you back to the good days see Andrea is various Videos hit the jump friends

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Sheree Is Still "VaVaBoom"

Yes. "VaVaBoom" is a word. And it means this:

Sheree keeping herself in tip-top shape. Atta girl!

Thanks "Ping Guerrero"! ... Atta perv!

See more Sexy Sheree. Go For MORE!

Amateur Compares Kitty With Kookai Sarmiento - Who Dunnit Better?

Kookai who was just amazing (and quite naked) at the recent Hottie Set HERE, gets into some cute 'Hello Kitty' panties for a touch of playful seductiveness. And so does one Manila Amateur Babe (I'm sure we had her set sometime not too long ago).

Who Dunnit Better? Yeah, thanks to "Yu" and "Bob" for the dose of inspiration.

We'll pick Kookai as a bit better but if you want to see some bit of Nudity, NSFW shot and links to each Kitty Spread.


Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Boom! Goes Janice Dizon's 'Loaded Stuff' for Magazine [Club Filipina Vol 3 No.20]

We're showing Peeking but covered 'Loaded Stuff' by super model Janice Dizon. If you want to see the 'Loaded' Bare Boobs err 'Stuff', take a peek at This Janice's Double-Nipples-Out Spread.

This Janice Dizon featured spread however is from Club Filipina. A Monthly Free-Magazine intended for Japan featuring Filipinas and other Asian Models (sometimes International too) in sexy sometimes fleshy poses.

Strictly for Adults only, we have the latest Publication, Volume 3 No.20, as a FREE Publication/Downloadable pdf after the Break-

Abby Poblador Loaded Stuff and Vixenation Samples are Here of the Day

You can get through the whole Vixenation Book in Samples cuz we posted it before HERE w/c leads you to the all-pinoy-stuff postings.

You can also go HERE for the digital copy of the book. Only 500 pesos gives you cover to cover Vixen Classics.

But this Abby Collection rocks it. Like really awesome shit and LOADED stuff and all going further than the Vixen Book. Of course Abby's LOADED .

See the Abby Loaded Samples JUMP HERE friends!

Kookai Joins The Underboob Bandwagon [Hottie Week 3] NSFW

Just the one boob which explains why it's short of an S. But not short of anything else including the right amount of Hottie Sexiness and Hottie Nudity because this is indeed Hottie Week 3 with Kookai Sarmiento showing off front and rear goodies!

As always we're referring you to the Official Hottie Page for the complete 25-pcs Week 3 Set. You'll be asked to register though before you can enjoy the entire set.

For this week's Choice Picks in Enhanced form and Large Sized cuts, check 'em out after the JUMP! ahead.

Thanks "Red"!

Kookai Sarmiento NSFW Week 3 Choice Picks, GO FOR MORE!

NSFW Materials are viewable after the JUMP!

You Can Just-As-Good As See Kim Kardashian's "Loaded Stuff" in Super-Tight Top

In theme with "Loaded Stuff" here's Kim Kardashian in super-tight top that not only reveals pokies but also outlines her enormous "Stuff". "Loaded" that is.

*Hat tip to: "Yes-Man"!

The rest of the photos @the Read more jump-break
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