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Monday, May 25, 2015

Sam Pinto Leads This Pack of Bikini Babes

Sam Pinto continues to pitch what is highly regarded as arguably the Best Bikini Bod this season. She also get points for ushering in more Bikini Babes to join the summer celebratory display of Bikini Goodness.

That's Chloe Dauden, busty, joining Sam because "The More the Merrier" for me and you.

*Hat tip to: "Yes-Man"!

Enjoy the rest @the Read more jump-break

Jinri Park "Chasing The Sun" Spread

So Jinri did Muse. An amazing and welcome comeback to Magazine Bikini Spread.

We have the tasty bits of that, for your viewing pleasure.

Find Jinri in Bikini as she "Chases the Sun", credit to, Hit the Break-

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Bianca Peralta Bondage Position For Fitness Erotika Week 4

This Fitness thing has been a source of inspiration for countless couch fappers nationwide. We shit you not.

We have Bianca Peralta to thank for the entertainment. Which someday, could serve as a fitness inspiration. Up when you're ready to move your lazy ass away from somewhere comfy.

Thanks "Red"!

Bianca seemingly hanging from a dungeon chain, exercise mode, Go for MORE!

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Carla Abellana Is Milky White, Silky Smooth Everywhere

You gotta love Carla!

This is a perfect show of everything smooth, white, hairless, and I dare say Lickable. We're not only talking about the pits, mind you.

Perfect again as an endorsement of laser, derma, whitening services/products. And Food Products I think.

Hat-tip "Big Member"!

One more Carla Smooth, White, flawless Everywhere, from the side this time. Hit the Break-

Cyen Lazam Fondly Recreates Scenes From "The Casting Couch" [Week 4]

Recreates Hot "Couch" Scenes minus the faceless Interviewer/Fucker Dude because 'Online Idol' is a SFW, Gravure-Style series. A good one. And just like that, we come to the final lap of a great series starring Cyen Lazam.

The good news is that you can imagine the Interviewer/Fucker somewhere below the Couch straddling Cyen.

You'll get to enjoy Enhanced and Enlarged shots of Cyen's 4th Week set as the Week 4 Choice Picks are served together with the direction to the Complete Week 4 set.

May Idol Week 4 Choice Picks, get ready! JUMP HERE!!

Hat-tip "Red Lion"!

Friday, May 22, 2015

Ann Miranda Drops The Curves for Selfie Of The Day

If it's Curves you want, Ann Miranda gives you Curves to make your eyes pop out as you trace the Curves of that Body.

Hotness to top the best of the Bikini Season.

Thanks "Amboy"!

Find more Self-Shooters with Big Round Stuff still by Ann Miranda. GO for MORE!

Tove Lo Keeps The Crowd Happy w a Show of Nipple of the Day

Her name is Tove Lo w/c sounds like "To-Blow". She's a Singer I havent heard of cuz I'm not too active when it concerns singers. But I happen to be in the thick of whats news when it concerns Nipple Slips so now I know Tove Lo and will remember her name for the next week or two.

Tove Lo was singing something. Prolly boring. But like all artists who know their crowd she thinks of the best thing to keep the men happy. thats w a slip of a Nipple.

Still boring as fuck but we encourage women who strip for attention so this should be good. watch the video. Jump friends

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Guess The Mystery Throwback Pee-Pee Teaser

Bare and Naked, this Mystery Chick gives us a glimpse of Fun Times!

She's several times FHM Cover Girl. She's done movies, came up with a music album, and just recently we saw her do an intermission dance number with the Viva Hot Babes.

If you're still not hitting the JUMP! there's something terribly wrong with you.

Hit the Break and Reveal!

NSFW Materials are viewable after the JUMP!

Sheree Was A Hot Professional Tutor Turned Stripper [Throwback]

Time turns every Thursday cuz we roll out stuff familiar to anyone born sometime when Michael Jackson was still black. And still refreshing for younger guys.

That's Sheree a little fat nowadays but boy was she hot 12-15 years ago. Here she plays tutor w glasses who end up teaching a different kind of lesson.

I was told 3 dudes requested this. Dudes who prolly still have a Michael Jackson Thriller Album in Cassette Tape somewhere together w their box of 80s porn.

Its from GoSquirt enjoy the set friends. Hit the jump friends

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Ann B Mateo Is Moundy of the Day

Mound counts.

Here's Ann B Mateo moundy .... I'm wondering why her chest isn't as over flowing as it were the last New Crush set.

These are mag scans where you can read up on what Ann does when she's not doing anything interesting. Sleep, Eat, Sound Trip, sounds like a boring life. She should date and tell us about the details next time.

More photos hit the jump friends
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