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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Beyonce Twerks That Ass for Music Video of the Day

Slutting it up cuz she can and cuz people love that ass photoshopped legs or not Beyonce has ass you'd like to be tapping. Or keeping an eye on in all her money making videos and here's another one for you music video porn enthusiast perverts.

Watch the video friends jump!

The Babest Parts By Debbie Garcia [Week 3]

It's Week 3 of the Debbie Garcia Weekly Hotness and Debbie's Opening Up for this Cleaves and Moud Show.

As it is on a regular basis you'll find the Full Week 3 set on the official page. You may be prompted to register.

But you'll also spot the Enlarged, Enhanced, Contributor's Picks, starring Debbie in various states of Cleaves and Mound show, you'll find that particular set GO JUMP HERE!!!

Hat-tip "Red Lion"!

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Jennylyn Mercado WOWS In This Movie Scene [Video]

Jennylyn Mercado shows us the curves in the following Scene from the upcoming movie "English Only Please". Check out the Sexy GIF

That's somehow related to this Temperature Gauging Nipples caps from "Esteban" and FAD.

Hat-tip "Ping Guerrero"!

Even more WOW scenes as we give you the official preview of the movie, eyes on Jennylyn please, hit the break

Friday, November 21, 2014

Kelly Hall Is Your Topless Page 3 Girl of the Day [NSFW]

Designed to make you squeeze your mouse as you try to enlarge what is large to begin with. Kelly Hall is Busty. I dont even have to tell you that. I just like to cuz I say the obvious when I have nothing rotten to say.

Kelly Hall Topless for Friday. jump friends

Angel Malit and Cleaves Star In Selfie Of The Day

Angel Malit looking Loaded as usual star in today's Selfie as she seems to be riding a cab with partial numbers you'll notice in the photo too.

Those Melons are as ripe as ever.

Hat-tip "Jacko Lin"!

Angel Malit also starred in one of this year's 100-Sexiest's number. You'll see the collection of her 100-Sexiest Photos after the Break

Asian Amateur Does A Peek-A-Boo(b)! [NSFW]

An Asian Amateur with pleasing personality is a notch more pleasing because she shares her 'goods'.

She shows more than a tit though. She shows them both and spreads her legs too. .... Nude and all.

Sounds like something that's pleasing for you too? Find the rest of the set where the Hottest Asians are in the House! (Nude too) JUMP HERE!

Or you could take time and check out the Uncensored version of the shot above. JUMP!

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Throwback: The Titty Barrage That Was The Vixen Batch 1 2011 Calendar [NSFW]

It was a Hot turn of the year that ushered in a Hotter start of the year with the Hottest Vixen Finalists Ever, parading their babest bodies for Safe Sex and Schedules. They do mix. At least when it concerns the Premiere Vixen's 2011 Calendar.

Karen Bordador, Christine Marquez and Paulene So, younger, fresher, Boldest. For Safe Sex and Throwback Thursday.

*Hat tip to: "Mang Sinalsal"!

Experience 2011 all-over again @the Read more jump-break

NSFW Materials are viewable after the JUMP!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

The Babes-Full Photos Of The 2015 Pirelli Calendar [Photos and Video]

A little history, the Pirelli Calendar is believed to be one of the highly anticipated spectacle of the year. This fired off from a European Car Parts Company who knows that the best way to market High End Auto Accessories is by pushing it alongside Sexy Models. Like Alcoholic Beverages.

Steven Meisel’s Pirelli Calendar 2015 includes the following Models:

Gigi Hadid, Joan Smalls, Adriana Lima, Raquel Zimmerman, Natalia Vodianova, Isabeli Fontana, Sasha Luss, Anna Ewers, Carolyn Murphy, Cameron Russell, Karen Elson, Candice Huffine.

Check out the Samplers and the Promotional Video. Hit the Break!

Georgina Knight Star Spangled Selfie Of The Day

It's a Cleavagey show of Patriotism. If it even counts because unless she's part-American this is nothing more than Fashion we approve of.

According to "Anonymous" this was part of the UNO Summer special.

Hat-tip "Anonymous"!

Moe Swimsuit Outtakes, hit the break

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Roxie Martin Is A Cracking Girlfriend

Roxie Martin is Girlfriend of the Month who doesn't mind showing off her Ideal-Girlfriend parts.

She's ideal alright.

*Hat tip to: "Ping Guerrero" and "Red Lion"!

A Nip-Revealing shot and Roxie Martin's Girlfriend samplers @the Read more jump-break

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