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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Emily Ratajkowski's Deleted Instagram Nipple Pic of the Day [NSFW]

According to a dude we call YES MAN the following photo of Emily Ratajkowski was posted on her Instagram account and was deleted a few hours later cuz Instagram doesnt allow Nipple pics unless its by Chelsea Handler. Cuz Instagram has a no nudity policy and we're all for that shit I mean the nudity thats posted and grabbed before deletion.

I can sense some bush in there too. I like fishnet seduction shit.

THANKS YES MAN jump for the uncensored version & keep clicking friends

Friday, January 30, 2015

Aiko Climaco and Sexy Pits Make the FHM Feb 2015 Cover!

Add the shapely form, side-boobies and pure sexiness and you have a promising Spread. I can tell that just by the Cover!

Actually the Pits got to me. But I still think this is a promising issue. Fit for the Red Hot Valentine's Month.

Check out the Teaser/Samplers in Red Hot "Red Lion" Enhanced, Enlarged, Intensified Cuts.


Guess The Babe Behind The Sexy Booty

Look! There's a stuffed Tiger too. Along the blurred Babe-Crack as we tease your recognition skillz again for this Mystery Babe post.


1) The Mystery Babe is a Premiere Vixen
2) The Mystery Babe was part of Dutdutan 13 (Dutdutan OTY Here)
3) The Mystery Babe joined Century Tuna Super-Bods sometime, not-too-long ago. And had a Sexy Bikini Audition too.

If you're here just for the Mystery Crack, Hit the Break to reveal!

Dannah Bartolome Club Filipina Spread of the Day

Dannah Bartolome is the Cover Girl for this issue of Club Filipina. A Cover Girl you'd WANNA. Wanna do some things to. Its got to be hardcore stuff cuz Dannah rocks the lingerie in her set.

see it. Jump friends

M Magazine Official Release Date And All M-Related Information

A dude from "M Magazine" was kind enough to take the time to answer some of the questions we have about M Magazine's Cathy-Frey-Powered  Jan 2015 publication.

Here are the all important stuff, guys:

January 2015's Publication Release Date: February 01, 2015

But, Initial Copies will be released at the Mango Juice's Bar Tour tonight, Jan 30, as earlier reported. Gives you more reasons to go bar hopping on a payday Friday.

They'll also be available on a January 31st event at REHAB BAR Mandaluyong.

And also during the M Magazine Road Tour in Pampanga.

How much is the Hard Copy: 150php

Where to purchase M Magazine: At all FILBAR'S, Nationwide

Here's a list of Filbar's Stores so you can head down to the one nearest you.

Of course the guys of M Magazine still haven't answered other, just-as-important questions like:

How does Cathy Frey smell like?

Will the Mango Juice Girls kiss each other on video just for kicks?

If Danica Torres and Cathy Frey got into a Mud Wrestling Duel, who do you think will win?

Those important stuff.

Anyway, Thanks "M Magazine"!

Here to give you more reasons to go out a Grab a Copy of M Magazine come Feb 01:

81448801796692722717.jpg 30518011402253137369.jpg 75975315951277745636.jpg

Go tell your friends about it!

Taylor Swift's Social Media Accounts Hacked! Hackers Threaten To Release Nudes For Bitcoins

So Taylor Swift's Social Media Accounts were hacked yesterday. Apparently the Hacking covered Twitter and Instagram Accounts. But that's just usual news nowadays.

On the more interesting portion of the news: The Hackers are threatening to release Taylor Swift Nudes for Bitcoin.

Swift responded by saying "Have fun photoshopping cause you got NOTHING".

Which could mean that Taylor doesn't have any nudes in there. Or that she's too skinny to have much to show. Or, something more or less along either of the two.

All the same, read all about the News on's Site!

And this other site!

If you're hoping for NUDES! Some itchy, mostly-assuming-for-n0odz Discussion is happening here, Check out this Reddit Exchange!

Hat-tip "Anonymous"!

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Throwback: Myles Hernandez Titty Dipping [NSFW]

Energized to all possible inches, self confessed Regular "Kevin"! says he just had to share these Myles Hernandez Nekkid Snaps.

Something to further enhance the VHB Archives that have been Growing, much like "Kevin" I guess, the past few weeks (Check it out! Only Here!).

For today's Myles Hernandez Nekkidness, Uncensored, GO FOR MORE!

Mocha Girls UNO Special Throwback of the Day! [Throwback Thursday]

Here are the Mocha Girls on a Special Spread from late 2013 wc is not really that far from today but we're throwing this back in anyway cuz its hot and we have great cuts of photos, excellent quality, superior sizes. thanks to the watermarker staining these photos.


It's hot and it's Throwback Thursday w the Mocha Girls hit the jump friends!

Miss USA Titty Flash Pageant Nip Slip of the Day [Video]

So Miss USA suffered a wardrobe malfunction at the Bikini portion the recent pageant. I think someone heard a loud "BOOM" and her top came flying off like a Terrorist act wc is to malign the under-18 viewers of Tits. Something the internet has done already. But thats just one of the stories. All that matters is the Titty Flash. Here's the video

Credit TMZ for the video

While we're on the subject of Pageant, Bikini and all the sexy things see our very own MJ Lastimosa in her BIKINI AWESOMENESS. You shouldnt miss it. GO HERE! Yeah, without the annoying ads.

Throwback: Ayumi Sogawa, Man Those Are Over-Sized Rack

Batch 2 Vixen Finalist Ayumi Sogawa displays the stuff that made her Sensational. Two of them, a full-sized Pair.

I can continue talking about how big and ripe those melons are but that would be over-doing it. What we all need to do now is Look Back at the rest. It's TBT with Ayumi Sogawa @the Read more jump-break.

*Hat tip to: "Juan Kerr"!

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