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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Emily Ratajkowski Lap Dances on Panda for Advent Calendar of the Holidays [VIDEO]

I've told you time and time again, this LOVE Magazine Advent Calendar Videos are fucking awesome. Maybe not all of them but I think collectively they can be your softcore porn. This time we have Emily Ratajkowski who we last saw getting nipple-licked by Batman here.

I dunno what the Panda is suppose to represent but I think its YOU. Perverts. Maybe a little fat and slow to an erection but thats what a slutty dancing Emily is for.

The Panda prolly creamed himself several times. You go see if it happened. Watch the VIDEO on LOVE's ADVENT SITE HERE, friends!

When you're done also check out this Debbie Garcia Sexy Non-Holiday Special Shoot cuz it rocks and I say so!

Throwback: Vixens Hand-Bra Variation [NSFW]

An innovation blasting-off from the past. Gentlemen, behold the "Buddies Hand-Bra"!

Very much the same as plain "Hand Bra" only this method uses just-as-sexy Buddies who let off covering their own bare boobs, to cover someone else. It's like a Group thing with Boobs cupping to spike up the Erotica.

And you have the Batch 1 Vixens Finalists of 2010 namely Christine Marquez, Karen Bordador, and Queen Paulene So to liven-up the fantasy boobie-mashers team-play.

A Contribution by one "Anonymous" sender in reply (sort of) to this Uncensored Vixens Request.

Thanks "Anonymous"!

The Uncensored Version plus another Wet Titty Troika of Finalists, NSFW Materials up next GO FOR MORE!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

This Jean Grey Cosplayer Will Sell More, Not-For-Charity Though [NSFW]

We recently saw this Marian Rivera - Jean Grey Cosplay-Art for Charity and it was mind-blowing.

... But could have been Better. Here's How:

Easy on the editing, and more on the Nudit-ing. Or whatever. You get the idea!

Thanks "Juan Kerr"!

The Nudie Jean Grey set, Not-for-Charity, GO FOR MORE!

Aj Suller Flaunts Her Car Show Lady-Parts of the Day

From the last Bumper X Bumper car show event we have one of the more popular Car Show Models, AJ Suller "flaunting" her Lady-Parts of the day or some days ago.

Look at the rest of the photos. ADS-FREE. JUMP HERE friends!

Debbie Garcia Sexiest Photoshoot of the Holidays

This was prolly done way before the Holidays. Prolly done before Debbie was ONLINE BABE. Before Debbie was TANDUAY BABE. You get the idea. HERE's all the Deb Garcia you need!

Here are more Debbie Garcia cuz we like hot, sexy chicks, I know I'll like her more if she strips but that's for the 100% Hottie for another day or Holiday.

59939320_12436188875_8424f6a4.jpg 59939321_12525481434_1281c836.jpg 59939322_12525290314_c58c4ce3.jpg

You jump for the rest friends!

Emily Ratajkowski "Gone Girl" Sex Scene [NSFW]

Batman will never have it this good. Good thing that when Ben is not playing Bruce or Batman, he's either showing his Dick (you've been warned), or he's sucking Hot Co-Star Nipples.

Hat-tip "Maxiumus"!

Sexy GIFs, Screencaps and the Download Link to the Sex Scenes. Hit the Break

NSFW Materials and Videos are viewable after the JUMP!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Not Enough Nipples On Ladies' Confessions Vol 8 Digital Version

"Anonymous" is a collector. And we defined "Collector" in this case as someone who gets his hands on various copies of Men's Magazines.

In this case he bought a digital version of the latest Celebrity Diaries Vol 8, probably spent an entire weekend with it. Eventually he decided to buy a Hard Copy of the same Magazine. Why? We don't know why. We're just writing what he told us.

On the Hard Copy he discovered that the Nipples were livelier. "Viewable! Out there!" his words exactly. Unlike the one from the Digital Version "Anonymous" sent above.

He cites an example of the "Out there Nipples" from this Contribution (NSFW people). While we still have to see the blurred-out Nips "Anonymous" saw on the Digital Version.

This may not be as Important as current events, but it's probably good that you know. For Blurred or "Out There!" Nipple's Sake.

Hat-tip "Anonymous"!

Your Thoughts on the matter, hit the Comments!

The Ellen Adarna Petron Calendar of the New Year

I think Ellen Adarna is the new SMC sexy face cuz after her Ginebra 2015 Calendar (best seen at FAD) Ellen now does PETRON.

See the Samples hit the jump my friends

Lucy Pinder is the Titty Showing Page 3 Girl of the Day - VIDEO [NSFW]

Another day another Page 3 Girl shows her tits.

Today its Lucy Pinder in VIDEO.

Jump for the video tit-loving friends


More Donna Coo Palm-Bra Espesyal [Hottie Week #3]

For the 3rd Week on her Hottie Stint, curvaceous darling Donna Coo continues with the Palm-Bra Espesyal Show.

Catch the full week 3 set on the official hottie page. That's after you go through a brief registration process.

As always, after the Break we'll show you our 3rd Week's Choice Picks, Enlarged and Enhanced for better viewing.

Hat-tip "Red Lion"!

Enlarged and Enhanced Picks, hit the the Break-
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