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Monday, July 28, 2014

Kim Chiu Could Have Slipped A Nip At ASAP Number July 27 2014 [Video]

Among the very excited inquiries we received for the alleged Paolo Bediones Sex Scandal, Sex Video, Sex Tape and all the other Sex were keywords "Kim Chiu Nipple Slip ASAP". Apparently according to Internet Ninjas whose Sunday mission was to watch Variety Shows to spot Nip Slips, Upskirts, and Pee-pee Peekers, sometime before 2pm today Kim Chiu did a dance number with Maja Salvador where a Nipple might have slipped out.

Thanks to one "Frederico" we got a link to a video that Might Have, Could Have ... captured a Wardrobe Malfunction.

Up front we say that there seems to be No Nipple Sighting as far as our Nip-Slip Censors could detect (from the video). But there were some wardrobe malfunction and you can see how it happened as per the Sexy GIF above.

It was nonetheless a good sexy Dance Number. One that had Maja and Kim giving it their all. Boobies, Buns and Sexy Legs included. We have the Video!

Hat-tip "Frederico"!

The Video after the CUT below:

Sunday, July 27, 2014

An Alleged "Paolo Bediones Sex Tape Scandal" Now Trending

It's trending indeed and though we have about a dozen of inquiries as to it's supposed Validity, we don't have or know of anything that involves Paolo Bediones in Scandalous form.

Although an emailer mentioned a clip of Paolo in skimpy trunks apparently from an old Sharon Cuneta-Richard Gomez film ... but I don't think that was it.

Anyway, you can catch up on the Happenings, for whatever reasons, from a more reliable source.

As for Youtube and the likes, Be careful what you click. .... You could end up with that Paolo-in-Skimpy-Trunks I was talking about.

Deborah Ann Woll Steamy Hot, Dry Humper Scene From True Blood [NSFW]

This is the closest to Topless that Deborah Ann Woll has gone so far in her so many Seasons with True Blood.

Not that Deborah who plays Vampire Jessica showed a nipple (damn you nip tape) but just those loose boobies is enough while we hope for fleshier scenes before the Series Finale or before her character gets smoked.

Thanks "Carl"!

Only 6mb large. The Caps and the Clip, Go for MORE!

This Hi-C Photo Makes You a Peeping Tom Motherfucker of the Day

Same as last Peeping-tom post I got carried away with the Motherfucker

That keyhole peep hole is for the extra boost in testosterone. Plus 3 years imprisonment when caught. Its prolly worth it. or not but sick is kinda good in this presentation.

Hi-C awakens the perverts in you. See the rest jump HERE fuckers!

You Can As Good As See Kookai's Nip At the Sexiest Party of the Day

Nipple tape has nothing against Kookai's nipples w/c said HELLO FUCKERS however way its said in Native American Indian language at the 100 Sexiest Victory Party.

A Better shot plus more from the Victory Party hit the jump friends

The Bianca Peralta Titty Teaser Wind-Up [Online Babe Week 4]

It was a totally Hot, 4-sets, 65-pcs of Bianca Peralta Online Hotness. Extreme Sexy by Online-Babe Standards only because it had Bianca Peralta mostly semi naked.

*Hat tip to: "Red Lion"!

The final Lap, final set, all the Titty-Teasers @the end of THIS LINK! JUMP HERE!

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Mara Lopez Can Hold This Position For Minutes

Although that's only a theory. But a working theory with so much promise even if that's only half true (2.5 minutes is enough, right premature ejaculator?)

Mara Lopez we last saw was Celebrating Playboy's Anniversary HERE with More Photos on this latest FAD Post.

As for Mara doing some form of Yoga/Kamasutra, we have that Hit the break!

Sunshine Garcia Sets Her Sights On Something While We Set Our Sights On Her Awesome-Things

Sunshine Garcia who I fondly remember most warming a Competition Size Basketball while being happy at it, is seen below, trying to Spot something while being Hot in a Bikini.

Thanks "Gerry"!

One more Bikini Shot and a link to an Album full of Bikini Shots. Go for MORE!