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Saturday, November 1, 2014

Halloween Ball 2014 Scenes in Video of the Day

You should also see the Party photos posted here. For the video version check this out

Myrtle Sarrosa looks even better in video.


watch the video hit the jump people

NSFW: 100 Naked Women for Art's Sake Video of the Day

Art is a form of expression. Thats a fucking excuse too. People use that excuse as a reason to post nude stuff and shoot nude stuff cuz Art is expression and freedom to express art is a right. I fucking love democracy.

Heres Art in Video in Numbers.

100 Women Naked for Art's Sake. NSFW Jump fuckers

Viva Hot Babes Jennifer Lee Has Evolved! Here's Her Latest Gig [NSFW]

Years off her Tour with the dynamic All-Girls turn-on Group the Viva Hot Babes, Jennifer Lee has found a new gig to draw crowds of men into the room. The women too.

Jennifer Lee is now a DJ. "A Busty DJ" as Yahoo!News puts it best. Jen is now spinning instead of stripping. Still worth our attention if only to hope that one day, she'll do both at the same time. Read the rest of this Story HERE!

Enjoy some of her Mixes on BeatPort!

For a long look at Jennifer Lee's earlier Career in sexy stills. Find a number of her Nekkid Snaps, hit the Break-

NSFW Materials are viewable after the jump

It's A Hot and Horny Halloween


From sexy costumes to the kinkiest treats. Love Corner has them stacked and awaiting your orders.

For Her, those hot, fondling babes will love this Philippine Brand of Vibe!

For Him (yourselves), you'll have a great time with this Babe Body Part Replica

For Him and Her and everyone you'd like to play with, the BDSM/Bondage stuff

All Treats, No Tricks! They Deliver for Free!

Friday, October 31, 2014

Guess Who's Playing Avatar? Or Freckled SMURF?

Or Mystique!

You should really give the GUESSING a try. Just for Halloween which is kinda stupid but hit the jump and I'll tell you who she is and show you her naked photo too.


Erika Padilla and Ritz Azul Rock the Halloween Costumes of the Day

Costumes this time of the year are fun. Cuz its fun when you can be someone you'd always want to be. Here's Erika Padilla and Ritz Azul rocking it

Ritz is playing Throwback Local Mickey Mouse "Ikabod" while Erika dresses as one of those WWE Brawlers.

See more Ritz Azul HERE!

Also see the Best Horny Asian Girls on the net!!!!!

Ruffa Mae, Ruffa G, Mariel and Alice Do The Halloween Costumes of the Day!

Ruffa Mae Quinto, Alice Dixson, Ruffa Gutierrez and Mariel Rodriguez play various characters cuz its Halloween fuckers.

My favorite is Alice as Cat Woman. You know what Cat Woman's super power is? Its PUSSY. Check her's out.

Also check out the Biggest Collection of the Sexiest Fil Celeb--rities cuz it rocks!

Guess ( o )( o ) Who?

Or perhaps we should call this "Guess WHooters?"


1) As the Teaser shows the Mystery Babe is a GMA Artist
2) She obviously has very prominent Fun Bags
3) She's a Gang member

If those Coconuts are teasing your nuts already, hit the Break and Reveal!

Paloma and the Why and the Where of the Smell of Fish [NSFW Throwback of the Day]

I dunno if this is for PETA or a Sardines commercial but that fish looks like Tilapia. A lucky tilapia. And this shit is prolly from 5 or more years ago.

With Paloma Esmeria naked, no matter how old this shit is I'm still looking at that fish hole.

Jump for the NSFW, uncensored, larger, clearer copy. Jump friends

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Past Halloween Ball Treats and Tits of the Day [Throwback Thursday]

No tricks. Only Treats. And Teats.

I'm not going to link you to the 2014 Halloween Ball cuz you can scroll down below to find it. But i'll Link you to Aubrey Miles cuz you see her above pretending to find Danita funny. And Bangs is a big boobed Cleopatra. Below are two of the Batch 3 Ultimate Vixens looking for their masters.

These are Scenes from the 2012 and 2013 Halloween Ball. 2012 with the Batch 3 Vixens and 2013 with a lot of Bangs, Danita, Aubrey some more babes I like very much.

For Throwback Thursday cuz we roll that way, see the rest of the Halloween Treat Photos on the ff Links'

2012 Halloween Ball - Dark Scenes with the Vixens

2013 Halloween Ball - Of Ghost and Ghouls and Girls

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