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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

It's Regular Programming For Alleged Sex Tape Star Paolo Bediones

"Life Goes On" as a GMA-Newscast title went, for Paolo Bediones who just over the weekend became the hottest Trending Topic in what was his alleged involvement in a Sex Tape with a still unnamed woman.

On his Instagram Page Paolo thanked his family, friends, supporters, and by supporters I'm guessing it's not the guys who couldn't stop sharing Links of the said Sex Tape. And Paolo also uploaded a shot of what was his Aksyon Tonite get-up:

Okay, with his clothes right there, does it mean he's naked again?

I say be careful what you record next time.

On a serious note, I think Sex Tapes and Scandals are now becoming an ordinary thing. Not that people should go out and make one on a regular basis although yeah, it's a free country. But I guess what this means is, these things are not such a deal anymore. Well, expect for a few days worth of trending topic and probably a few years worth of Streaming Porn Site Headlines where they get to play your Homemade Movie in animation just to attract paying viewers.

Oh well, NEXT Sex Tape please!

Read all about this NEWS, RIGHT HERE!

A Healthy Sight Of Maja Salvador For Men's Health

Maja may have lost the Titty Showdown against Kim Chiu just recently. But she still packs the better, toner body and I think that's the consensus of the majority.

That bit of a Sexy GIF is from Maja's recent Men's Health Magazine stint (covered here) and that's only the primer.

Catch the Full Video and a good dose of Maja's Bikini Shot Samples, JUMP HERE!!

Tori Black Dry Humps Her Way To An Acting Gig [NSFW]

Tori Black is a porn star. We all know that. But that's the character Tori played for the series "Ray Donovan". A shift from Porn, into playing Porn but only in a make believe setting.

Whether it's a true scene or not, dry-humping or actual penetration, this is a good clip. Possibly a good episode. But I haven't seen any full episodes yet. We're here very often for the Cut Scenes.

Hat-tip "Carl"!

A NSFW Animated GIF to give you a glimpse of what to expect (great acting). Also the Link to the NSFW Downloadable Cut Scene. All after the JUMP below:

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

So HOT Asian Girl Opens Up NSFW

She reminds me of a Mocha Girls dancer w/c is the best thing about looking at naked girls. if you can convince yourself she looks like someone else you want to see naked thats half the masturbation encouragement you need genius.

Uncensored honey hole shots and the complete sexy hot amateur girls album NSFW you jump friends

NSFW materials viewable after the jump

What "Could Be" A Better Kim Chiu ASAP Wardrobe Malfunction Video

From the same Titty Spill that launched a thousand Nipple-Spotter into a torrid hunt, this one's courtesy of what seems to be an Official ABS-CBN Channel.

Which means it's cut, edited, possibly too much it's a cock-blocker in every sense of the word (Cock-Blocker is a word of its own I think)

It's a YouTube Hosted Video. Watch it @the End of this LINK HERE!

*Hat tip to: "Justin"!

Grey Gomez Jacked-Up Undies [100% Hottie Week 5] NSFW

It's the 5th Week, Final Week, what we'd like to call the Bonus Round of the Grey Gomez 100% Hottie. And we have Bonus Round Buns made extra special by Jacked-Up Undies.

If Grey took those panties to the Laundry Mat she would have to give the instructions "Need these clean. Use lots of soap. Lots and Lots of Soap".

Jacked-up so far up there, the Laundry Mat would return with their own note saying "You need these clean? Next time, use lots of toilet paper. Lots and Lots of Toilet Paper!"

Is it wrong that I'm turned on?

It's the Finale and we have Larger Sized Choice Money-Shots, Go for MORE!

Monday, July 28, 2014

Kim Chiu Could Have Slipped A Nip At ASAP Number July 27 2014 [Video]

Among the very excited inquiries we received for the alleged Paolo Bediones Sex Scandal, Sex Video, Sex Tape and all the other Sex were keywords "Kim Chiu Nipple Slip ASAP". Apparently according to Internet Ninjas whose Sunday mission was to watch Variety Shows to spot Nip Slips, Upskirts, and Pee-pee Peekers, sometime before 2pm today Kim Chiu did a dance number with Maja Salvador where a Nipple might have slipped out.

Thanks to one "Frederico" we got a link to a video that Might Have, Could Have ... captured a Wardrobe Malfunction.

Up front we say that there seems to be No Nipple Sighting as far as our Nip-Slip Censors could detect (from the video). But there were some wardrobe malfunction and you can see how it happened as per the Sexy GIF above.

It was nonetheless a good sexy Dance Number. One that had Maja and Kim giving it their all. Boobies, Buns and Sexy Legs included. We have the Video!

Hat-tip "Frederico"!

The Video after the CUT below:

Sunday, July 27, 2014

An Alleged "Paolo Bediones Sex Tape Scandal" Now Trending

It's trending indeed and though we have about a dozen of inquiries as to it's supposed Validity, we don't have or know of anything that involves Paolo Bediones in Scandalous form.

Although an emailer mentioned a clip of Paolo in skimpy trunks apparently from an old Sharon Cuneta-Richard Gomez film ... but I don't think that was it.

Anyway, you can catch up on the Happenings, for whatever reasons, from a more reliable source.

As for Youtube and the likes, Be careful what you click. .... You could end up with that Paolo-in-Skimpy-Trunks I was talking about.