Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Couch Sexiness With Ann Miranda

The Babe with the Sexiest Selfies was part of a professional shoot that was so seductive, so hot, even the couch was turned on.

Hat-tip "Ping Guerrero"!

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Even More Bubble Gang Summer Special, Behind-The-Skit-Scenes Bikini Scenes!

What is officially accounted for as Set #3 for this Bubble Gang Summer 2014 serving of Bikini Babes Photos, with the finest Summer Special of funny, sexy, entertaining Babes.

This one's BTS, literally with the cameras and the dudes and all. But if you ignore the non-sexy elements you'll find yourselves deep into Bikini Paradise.

If you're feeling generous with your time, then you can check out our Label on this summer's Bubble-Gang-Babes Special!

For this Latest, BTS Bikini Scenes however, find the sexy photos Aplenty and then sexy some more,  You all JUMP HERE!!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Bro App! Your Clever Wingman [Tech WAV]

"Be that thoughtful Better-Half chicks dig!"

Since we're now suppose to be a Tech Blog too, blogging not-exactly about the latest in Gadgets but rather the More Interesting of innovations not necessarily involving Sex, then let us to point you to this very interesting App called the Bro App.

If you're one of those dudes who's so awesome you are required to keep in touch with the wife or the girlfriend or both, on a regular basis because being awesome also has it's downside, then you'll love this clever app called the Bro App. Unfortunately made available only for Android Devices, this APP keeps the Relationship Happy by constantly keeping you in touch Automatically.

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Coachella Happened And Here Are Social Media Uploads By The Coachella-Hopping Babes Themselves

The more summery looking snaps from 2014's Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festivities from the very star-babes themselves. The Festival 2014 is looking like one of epic proportion. Here are some of the social media uploads.

That's Alesandra Ambrosio in Bikini with her Bikini pals.

View the handful contribution by "Anonymous"! *Hat tip to you!
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We'll Name the Topless Hot Babe of the Day

"Denim Anne Carlos 01". Without the 01. But that's her name and we're saving time cuz our contributor was kind to name the file with the Hot Babe's name.

You're a good man "YU"! Thanks to "YU"!

Topless, Rockstar Babe, already named you can now look freely. Jump boys.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Sarah Polverini Leads This Cast Of Century Tuna SuperBods Babes

Sarah who was hot for FHM sometime back. Is now Hot again for Century Tuna's SuperBod Babes 2014 comparison of Super Bodies.

Dudes are also competing for this SuperBods thing. But we're looking past them because beer belly and all, you know we're always hotter than those guys. No matter the many extra rice. Should we vote on that? No need!

Thanks "Ping Guerrero"!

While we contemplate on finally running so-so many miles sometime soon, lets take a look at Sarah and the rest of the Babes line-up for Centuray Tuna's Superbods 2014!

Trieste Kelly Dunn Prominent Pokies And Beer Bottle Dildo? For Banshee [NSFW]

Nah. She didn't use the beer bottle like "Xtra" hope she would. But it's a fun, sexy scene all the same. With the really strong pokies fighting fabric.

Plus, there's also a full dry-hump and topless scene featuring Ivana Millicevic for the Action-Sexy TV Show "Banshee - Season 2". A Show that also takes pride in also having ample Nude/Hump Scenes by Lili Simons [NSFW]

The Back-To-Back Videos starring Ivana Millicevic and Trieste Kelly Dunn, together with Quality Caps and ZippyShare Hosted Files, Go to where The ACTION IS ...

NSFW Materials There, but if you're fine with that, FOLLOW US HERE!!

Thanks "Carl"!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Get A Load Of This Doc Allen Model

Just so we're clear, I don't believe she's mocking anything.

It's all about artistic show by one of the sexy-capturing photogs, Doc Allen and a fine model.

You can browse through some sexy shots on this Previous Doc-Allen-Photography Post.

And you can also follow that through with this Sexy Set, JUMP HERE!