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Saturday, April 25, 2015

The Jed Montero Bikini Barrage of the Day

From previous bikini season years of top athlete Jed Montero (Idol latest crazy-sexy week here). Looks good all the way cuz we have over 100 pictures. All sexy cuz we roll sexy that way.

Jed looking delicious there. In bikini. In panties. Sexy Legs. Sexy ASS. Sex Tongue. We have more. I already told you, 100 pictures and that shit. Last dude to hit the jump gets to see only 50. Jump friends

Jed Montero Gets Cheeky For Week 4 [Idol Week 4]

The sweetest thing about athletes isn't only the firm body they own. Personally, it's almost always the fine, shapely, Behind. Result of all the training they have to go through. Firm, solid, tushie you can literally crack an egg on. Among other Smearing activities that comes to mind. Here's this Month's anointed Idol exhibiting the shapely, firm Tushie that makes us want to pinch something.

Find Slightly Improved, Enhanced and Enlarged Samplers. Choice Picks of the Week, as always so you can appreciate the Idol's Babe Parts better. And, there's also the Jed April Idol Official Video to catch your attention. Find them all, JUMP HERE!

Hat-tip "Jed Montero"!

Friday, April 24, 2015

Gia Genevieve Platinum Blonde and Nude for Terry Richardson of the Day [NSFW]

Channeling the same erection boosters belonging to legends Marilyn Monroe and then Anna Nicole Smith is model Gia Genevieve. Porn star name, I like it. I also like the fact that she not only dropped the super large jugs but also the landscaped vagina. Thats what its all about. Thats the future.

This is from everyone's favorite Uncle Terry Richardson. Thats unless you're a girl cuz Terry is not cool for girls.

If its from Terry you know its good quality sexy.FUll nude on spread hit the jump friends
NSFW Materials

A-Plus Paint Babe Ann Is Hot in a Bikini of the Day

Ann joined Paulene So and the group of the A-Plus All Weather Paint Babes on this awesome Kantotinio Post. This time we creep on her Solo cuz we like creeping up babes when they're alone. Especially in a Bikini.

Part of the 2015 Bikini babes post. See Ann just in time hit the Jump fuckers

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Paloma Promotes Kicks And Bigger Better Stuff [NSFW]

Possibly a younger Paloma Esmeria. Promoting quality Kicks with Tits. Or maybe it's just Kicks and the Tits just happened to be part of the Model's err, Anatomy.

Whatever. They're really convincing Promo Materials.

And we'll give you a more Revealing peek at those Peakers Uncensored!

NSFW Materials, NEXT!

NSFW: Patricia Javier Body Paint Hotness Video

A different one from this VHB Body paint Hotness post but FHM Cover Girl April Patricia Javier also did some body paint show where she was very very naked except for some paint.

Just like this other Bare Naked NSFW videos by Patricia a few weeks ago.

The NSFW video streaming online w Patricia's FHM Samplers cuz its Throwback Thursday hit the jump friends

Because It's Angel Locsin's Birthday!

Angel Locsin turns 30 today. Still a prime age. And she's still looking hot as ever. But 30?!

At 30 Angel has accomplished a lot. She's done countless covers. Done countless endorsements. Was FHM's Sexiest 2012. Was and still is a top 10 Sexiest years before and after that. Won Major Acting Awards.

The good news is at 30, she's not going away. Maybe get married sometime soon. Maybe do bold movies. I'm hoping for the last Maybe. But she's sure to accomplish even more.

Let us celebrate Angel Locsin turning 30 by appreciating something Sexy from her past. All because it's Throwback Thursday.

Angel's 2010 FHM Samplers and a whole host of Angel Locsin Posts from us OTY (over-the-years). All @the Read more jump-break.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Angel Malit Compares Bare Body With Painting

Though Angel conveniently kept her bareness from spilling over, literally, the Nude Painting on the wall provided the perfect background for the sexy shot.

It would have been better had she posed below a poster of a Hustler Centerfold or whatever they call it. But Strategic and all, Angel Malit letting it all hang out is always a welcome sight.

Thanks "Red"!

We've got more of Angel Bare Naked err, underneath the towel. GO for MORE!

Guess Who's Hugging Her Completely Naked Self

Still in the subject of Embracing Nakedness and Topless Models, sender "Benny" emails what could be a Reload. A Naked Model we are familiar with nonetheless.

We're spicing it up to tease your recognition skills.

Hat-tip "Benny"!

Find "Benny's" full photo contributions as we reveal the babe, hit the Break

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Bridget Suarez Makes Coconut Trees Grow With Double Handed Strokes

I believe the Bikini makes for a faster growth. Whether it's true for coconuts or not, I'm sure it works for some Wood.

Reminds me a lot of this Alison Brie GIF. Which looks better with this double-handle NSFW GIF.

But if you want something that gets down to business, check out this Coconut Bikini-Servicing Move by Danica Torres. You're bound to love the nature Bikini-humping there.

When you're all done and happy with those Coconut-related photos, check out the rest of this Bridget Suarez set. Still with Erect Coconut Trees. GO for MORE!

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